That Blogging Question about Following


It’s a year ago now that I put out a call asking how you all manage the matter of following blogs and organising yourselves to comment on them.

The response was terrific and I got lots of really useful ideas and insights. There was one approach that really caught my eye and that I decided to try a variant of it for myself. It came from Angela over at A Silver Voice from Ireland. Here’s the bit that caught my eye:

I use WordPress Reader and set for once weekly notifications, so on a Sunday afternoon, I grab a coffee and sit down for a big read!

Every Sunday since I read that comment, I think of Angela on Sunday afternoons, ensconced with her coffee and indulging in her ‘big read.’

Rather than using the WordPress Reader, I went through the blogs I had been Following and set a big batch of them for Monday morning email notifications and a select few for ‘immediate’ notifications. So, Mondays have become my day for the ‘Big Read’ and I must say I love that precious time. Somehow, reading the posts in one relaxed sitting gives a great sense of  keeping up to date with the writings of bloggers from all across the globe on a whole range of different topics.

I still feel bad that I can’t include everyone I’d like to Follow in this Monday indulgence but I try my best to catch as many of them via the Reader when I log on to post or respond to comments here on Social Bridge.

My big aim for this year is to do better at being a lot more mannerly about people who have taken the trouble to Follow me.  You just have to understand that I’m one of those people who is great at writing thank-you letters but hopeless at getting them into the post! All suggestions on how to deal with this failing would be most welcome! 

And, I’m planning to dig deeper into blogland as I know there are thousands of treasures out there that I don’t even know about yet. I’d love to hear about your approaches to doing this or are you a happy-go-lucky type like me about it? 

Oh, and while I’m here, let me remind you that Voting for the Irish Blog Awards is still open (until September 21) and my shortlisted post is still crying out for Votes. Here’s the button to click. (If you’ve done so already, many, many thanks).

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Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

50 thoughts on “That Blogging Question about Following”

  1. Whew! Big job keeping up Jean. I am on disability – meaning my time is pretty much my own – and I have a hard time keeping up. I currently have 937 e-mails in my inbox and that is just from Last Friday to now – about 1/2, the rest I managed to read and comment. When it gets over 1,000, I start deleting without reading.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Sandy.
      I’m impressed that it’s only sometimes you can’t keep up. I think it’s like the tide coming in ~ beautiful and unstoppable. Think of me playing King Canute (my only ever play) back in the dark ages!

  2. Ohhh Jean, “keeping up” is the blogful stuff dreams are made of… Staying up late and away from the distractions of the reader is my main method, these days—after 5+ months without the organizational bliss of my iMac :-/ Love that sheep! ♥ ❤

    1. Jackie, you were very much on my mind the second I spotted that fluffy sheep up in the mountains.

      I agree that the Reader can eat up a lot of time but it can yield lots of interesting stuff all the same!

      1. Oh yes, the Reader is definitely a great little reading nook. And Ooooh Jean… totally ❤ seeing all your photos of scenery, the sea and sheep! What a wonderful thought, to think you can just go for a walk and see sheep!!! 😀 ♥ ❤

          1. Truly… you are blessed, Jean! So nice to think sweet-sheep thoughts of spring—especially now, with our falling temperatures and turning seasons :-/ Perhaps you’ll capture some of those lambs, so I can share ’em on my blog!? 🙂 ♥ ❤

            1. We’re headed into Autumn too but it tends to be mild enough through to Spring, especially here in The Sunny South East of Ireland. I’ll get you loads of lambs in the Spring and a few primroses!

            2. Oh yes and thanks, Jean 🙂 You’ll be swimming in the sea, while our idea of “mild” sinks to around -20°C :-/ Thanks for the extra warm ‘n fuzzy blogful thoughts to look forward to! 🙂 ♥ ❤

  3. I have instant, daily and weekly notifications going… and I still can’t read as much as I’d like every day.Not and have time to write or go out to work… 🙂 I do get into the Reader occasionally, but not as often as I’d ike… though I find it useful when I’m away and only have the phone to keep up on.

  4. Angela’s idea is a good one, setting a special block of time for only reading blogs. It’s still not easy, but we can only do our best…I would hope most of us are understanding. I haven’t blogged or posted in a few weeks, finding out that homework needs time, too. So blogging will be sporadic for me now, Jean; please forgive me for missing many of your wonderful posts. I just wanted to pop in and say “hi.”

  5. Great connection between the sheep’s picture and (blind) followers :). I have already voted your blog,Jean. I really hope you gonna win. You always bring up interesting topics and your pictures are very relevant to it.

    I do not have a day for blogging. I just take an opportunity when I have to be around to wait for my niece to get out of the school’ bus. I may say i pretty leave isolated, meaning i only come online twice or less during a week.

    1. Dana, glad you like the photo. I’m not so sure that sheep are as blind as all that, though!
      Thanks for your vote. Much appreciated.
      For someone who can only be online very sporadically you do extraordinarily well on the blogging front.

    1. Hi Luanne, yes ‘balance’ in terms of what one can handle and the ‘fairness’ you mention are key in the whole following process.

      One Vote is all but, of course, you can spread the word all over the place if you have the time/inclination!!!!

  6. I have a hard time keeping up on all the blogs I follow (just over 500 of them). I have around 50 of my favorites (like yours) set up to receive daily notifications, and usually spend time in the mornings reading through those while sipping my coffee. Although sometimes when my mornings are busy, like today, I’ll try and read through them in the evenings. It’s when I get real busy and let a few days go by that I start having trouble keeping up, but in that case then I always try make it a special point to visit the blogs who have taken the time to visit mine. 🙂

  7. I can’t keep up at all. I use WordPress Reader too, but some people just post so often it makes the Reader an unrealistic management tool. There are people I’d like to follow but can’t because they reblog other posts tens of times a day, for instance. I’m a big fan of the so-called ‘Slow Blogging’ movement which advocates posting to a regular timetable, but once a week or less. I tend to use Bloglovin’ as a manager for those I absolutely cannot miss, as posts remain there until you clear them. Then I do a blanket dive-bomb technique on all the rest on a weekly or fortnightly basis. It’s far from perfect. I hope you’re getting on well in the voting stakes. It’s a murky business (unless you have 10,000 followers on Instagram of course!)

    1. Bloglovin’ is something I must investigate. Sounds useful.
      As for the voting, my method is barter! (Not on FB or Instagram or …. except Twitter). Soooo, gave a young man a lift today in exchange for a vote. We were both happy BUT I don’t think that’s quite the drill that would be required to progress in this techno age. Hope you’re raking them in as you deserve to rise to the top!

      1. I’d barter if I had anything to barter with! I haven’t a clue how it’s all going. We’ll find out this weekend I suppose. Have a look at Bloglovin’ and see what you think – I find it very handy especially as an app, especially to make sure I don’t miss all of the important stuff.

          1. Just realised I answered the wrong question there, Jean! I thought you were saying they’d already made announcements… but I don’t know what their timetable is now, it’s shifted a few times. It’d be nice to know if you made the final before the early bird ticket sales are over, but I suppose that’s their plan really, seems to be a bit more commerce involved this year. Inevitable but sad.

            1. I was wondering about you alright!
              I thought I saw something at one stage about Oct 2 but that could be a dream.
              A last heave-ho now in the bartering stakes. Hope you have found lots of bits to barter!

  8. I get email notifications for occasional bloggers who write long posts and go to the reader for frequent bloggers’ posts. This doesn’t meant that I keep up with reading, but I’ve decided it’s best not to beat myself up with guilt.

  9. You are just about the most positive and most connected blogger I follow, a ‘Bridge’ in every sense of the word! Delighted to vote for your fabulous post as best post for it surely iust just that ! I so hope you win that category as it is so deserved. Thank you so much for the mention, so much appreciated.! 🙂

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