The Voting Game

Did I ever tell you about my childhood dream of being  President of America? Yes, The United States of America because Ireland wasn’t BIG enough with only 3 million or so people.

I used to stand on my bed, use the grip of my tennis racket as a microphone, and seek to persuade thousands and thousands of people at grand rallies to vote for me.

I’ve been chuckling to myself all day today as memories of that phase came flooding back in the current fun reality of trying to garner votes for my precious blog post that has been shortlisted in the Irish Blog Awards.

You’d be amazed at the range of ‘never hide your light behind a bushel’ kind of ideas that have been flooding my imagination.

  • Helpful school boy comes to my rescue when I drop an empty dog food tin on the pavement as I’m loading up the recycling bin outside our gate just before refuse collection time this morning. Now he could get all his classmates to vote for me; in fact, he could get the whole school, pupils, teachers, parents, sibs, aunts, uncles ….
  • I’ve to go to the supermarket. While I’m making the list ~ bread, milk, carrots, fish … the aisles open up and I’m flitting along Mary Poppins-style singing: ‘Just one Vottetto, give it to me’ and all the shoppers flock around and pull out their smartphones and start pressing:

Vote for Us Buttons 300x250

  • I’m in Waterford City at the NCT place for the car (that’s where they check over the car to certify that it’s roadworthy). The waiting room is full with people waiting to get their wheels back. Hey, people waiting! They look bored stiff. Wouldn’t it be a kindness to introduce them to The Irish Blog Awards and get them all voting, voting, voting ….. Annnnnnnnnnnd, there’s people waiting in all sorts of places. Why not rush around and entertain all them too, especially the poor divils in dentists’ waiting rooms!

Do we ever know what’s going on inside people’s heads? (I bet that lovely guy who told me that the car was good to go never imagined that the middle-aged woman with the big smile had such a V  in her bonnet!)

Let the world beware of Irish Bloggers on the loose!

Voting is a civil sacrament. (Theodore Hesburgh)

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

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