22 thoughts on “Soft Landing”

  1. I love Butterflies..they are so beautiful and graceful. We went to a Butterfly place and it was so interesting to see all these different butterflies flitting about and landing on some people because of their colored clothing or scent. It showed them in their various stages of life from pupa to becoming a butterfly. They need certain plants for food and laying their eggs. The Butterfly bush is their food plant but they won’t lay their eggs on them. Milkweed is another plant they visit. In the next town they have a full blown Butterfly garden with all the plants and flowers that attract all kinds of Butterflies. Beautiful..do you have anything like this over in Ireland..Butterfly Places..

    1. Hi Joni, I suspect there could well be a ‘butterfly place’ here in Ireland but I’ve never heard of it. (I did visit one in Jersey some years back and loved it.)
      Yours sound magnificent.

  2. I love the photo, such a lovely combination of nature’s colours. And what a wonderful way to think about life’s journey:)

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