Where is Everyone?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you think you may be the only person in the world  ~ or what I call a ‘Robinson Crusoe experience’?

I was hit with one of these at precisely 2.20pm today -Saturday, July 18th, 2015 here in Co. Waterford, Ireland, Europe, The World.


I was out at the beach with Puppy Stan. The sun was shining, skies were blue. Yes, it was a bit windy and the tide was out but there wasn’t a soul to be seen and no Man/Woman Saturday footprints next or near the water’s edge.

First, I wondered where all the regulars/locals were? Perhaps, shopping, eating, sleeping, gardening, having sex, reading, in the pub, watching TV, at a wedding, doing the crossword, baking, away on holidays, washing the car, at work …..

Then, I got to wondering about everyone in blogland? I’d dearly love to know what you were doing at 2.20pm today either your time or mine!

Yes, I know I’m nosy but that’s what sociologists are supposed to be, isn’t it?

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

57 thoughts on “Where is Everyone?”

  1. At 2:20pm I was on the road from Kilkenny feeling slightly the worse for wear after a good night with friends and thinking what a beautiful day it had turned into. Now I’m home drinking gallons of tea, looking at the sea and contemplating my next blog post…

            1. I’d even forgotten all those made up songs. (Still laugh out loud but get odd looks, at least I think that’s what they are. Hard to see with the tears of laughter!)

            2. I get funny looks too when I laugh in public! and at home too sometimes!
              As to singing made up songs I admit I still sometimes do this !
              Now you may or may not know that I love Imogen Heap’s music. .. She writes song about life and some sound like the made up ones i still sing ( quietly to myself) Anyway I have sent you two video’s the first one is Imogen explain how and why she wrote the song The Listening Chair . the song is about her life up to now from birth it is five minutes long and each minute represents 7yrs of life. It is long but very interesting and you see the idea come to life.
              The second video is the song and I do love love it .I hope you will enjoy and not get bored! …Sorry I love to share!!

            3. Really she sings the soundtrack to my life. After I broke my back the second time I wrote to her and told her how her music had helped me to recover and learn to walk again. She wrote me a lovely email back. She is a lovely person !

  2. 2.20 today – wandering into town to attend a marshals’ meeting ahead of tomorrow’s Jersey Triathlon. 38 years I’ve been on this island, no rescue forthcoming or required.

    1. Roy, I love the way you use the word ‘sauntering’ here. You’re certainly doing your bit for Jersey’s sporting activities. Hope it went well today.

  3. At 2.20 today I was dropping off 4 big bolsters to an other yoga studio where I had borrowed them for this morning’s restorative yoga workshop. The driver of a huge Coco Cola Truck and Trailer will also remember that time today as he couldn’t get parked to unload at a shop near the studio. The drivers of the cars passing by will also remember the time because of the traffic jam that started just at that moment 😉

  4. At 2:20 I was taking a bath – seriously! – and starting a new book (The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah). I was taking a bath because I had just come in from an hour walk around my NE neighborhood in the 79 degree, humid day.

  5. At 2.20pm I was walking on the river bank walk here in Tralee with my fox terrier dog, Buddy. Unlike your experience, I was not alone. I shared this idillic walk with other dog walkers, groups of foreigners who sounded Germanic, obviously staying in The Rose of Tralee hotel which has steps from their car park which lead onto the walk.

    Joggers, cyclists, parents with small children wobbling in safety on their small bicycles, pram pushers, senior citizens, take your pick – all avail of this lovely walk. We were lucky to enjoy our ramble in dry conditions. The heavens opened later on and thunder rain fell in bucket loads out of the leaden dark grey sky. Thankfully, I was safely indoors watching Kerry footballers playing against Cork in The Munster final replay in atrocious conditions. Well done Kerry on winning the match.

  6. Enjoying a fine cigar. Appeared to be too expensive for me, so not sure how it got into my humidor. Perhaps it was a gift, but I should remember that. We have guests from time to time, and they do leave things behind. Hope they don’t miss it. My thoughts were rambling about several of the other activities you’d mentioned, except washing the car or doing the crossword. I don’t do those things, but the others, yes. Not so much about baking, and my gardening these days is to watch the weeds grow. Truth is, at the time you specified, little thought was given to shopping, eating, sleeping, reading, being in the pub, watching TV, or attending a wedding, and never waste a good smoke cogitating about work. So, that narrows it down a bit, I suppose. Did I tell you it was a well made cigar, and from excellent aged tobacco? No, I don’t guess I mentioned that.

    1. Van, you certainly made the most of that cigar. I’d only been thinking about cigars when I was out at the beach and my long-time ambition to smoke one while floating in the sea on a Summer’s night.

  7. I was sitting on the glider on the front porch watching the world (traffic) go by…wondering where are they off to…

      1. Not an airplane, but a porch swing that glides back and forth it has a way of lulling one to sleep..very calming.

  8. At 2:20 pm Eastern Standard time, I was sending off a guest post to Willow for the “If we were having Coffee” series. I know because I try to have it to her by 7 pm her time (2 pm our time) and i had just tried to send it at 2:05 and the attachment wouldn’t load. I checked and realized I had inadvertently included a picture that was huge, so I took a screen shot and shrunk it from 1.5 Meg to .4 meg so it would attach. After much muttering at my stupidity, I sent it finally at about 2:20.

  9. Waiting at a train station in Kilkenny for my brother who was coming to visit and we in turn were going to visit our other brother. Family stuff. A bit of people watching.

    1. John, Kilkenny station is really special, I always think. It reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine, the way they have to change engines around to go onwards to Waterford.
      Stations are certainly great places for people watching. Hope you had a good brotherly day.

      1. Fraternal frolics, you might say. There’s a word that rhymes with frolics with which my eldest brother would have used to describe me and my antics all those years ago. I’m so happy as the years pass we seem to get closer and closer – well most of the time anyway!

  10. What a fun read! My time I was in the middle of a board meeting for the National Association of Social Workers, and amazingly, setting up Twitter for the first time ever. (We were learning about using the association’s Twitter, so it was relevant. 🙂 ) Your time, I would have been in bed, having my coffee and blogging–probably reading your previous blog. 🙂

    1. Hi Suz, yes, I think I might ask this question more often. Fascinating to get a snapshot odf activities from all over the place.
      Hope you don’t get toooooooooooo hooked on Twitter or you won’t have a minute!

  11. Perhaps you slipped into an altered reality for a moment Jean…at 2.20 yesterday I believe I was probably having coffee and a cake after coming back from our walk along the coast!

  12. I’m going to sound completely smug now (because I completely am), but at 2.20pm on Saturday I was sitting in a robe in a very nice hotel room eating Maltesers and complimentary brownies with a cup of coffee, counting down the minutes until my massage appointment. Gosh, I hate it when people boast. But if it makes anyone feel any better, it was lashing down outside.

  13. That’s a great question, Jean. Like one of mine, two days ago… what if just for one single day, nobody gets hurt, dies or drops any tears?!

    Well, at your time I suppose in Romania will be 12 pm ( i would have lunch) and here 7 pm i was driving.

  14. I’m late to the party but I do know what I was doing July 18, because I was out of town — we’d gone to the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum, poor innocents we, not realizing a Saturday in July is NOT the day to go — so crowded we could barely move through. Morning at the National Gallery was blissful though.
    I love reading all the varied activities in the comments!

    1. Sandy, thanks for coming! I’d love to go to the Smithsonian sometime ~ though clearly not on a Saturday in July!
      I managed to spend a few blissful hours at the National Gallery there and ‘blissful’ is the word I’d use for that experience too.

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