When the World Feels All Upside Down …

Today is a day when it feels like the world is caught in a terrible storm of unrest, fear and nightmarish violence.

Maybe it’s not any worse than usual but somehow the dreadful shooting on the beach in Tunisia yesterday seems to underline the fragility of life at the end of a week  which has seen Irish hearts blown open with grief after the tragic deaths of the young students in Berkeley, California.

When I was walking the few hundred yards up to our local shop early this morning, it was so reassuring to meet friendly faces. Everyone had a smile and a warm ‘Good morning.‘ No one was talking about the dark side of life but it felt like each person was reaching just that little bit more to touch the very essence of humanity.

Eyes meeting eyes, hello in harmony, taking the time to stop and have a little chat … these are the tiny things that matter, that matter hugely in restoring faith in humanity.

Yes, there are pathways to peace …..

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

19 thoughts on “When the World Feels All Upside Down …”

  1. That’s the beauty of living where you do people peoplr pull together on these fearful times. Someone has taken the signpost for the paths to peace and burned them. So we have to find our way blind. xxxx

    1. Willow, it certainly is great to live in a tight knit community like Tramore.
      I think that the peace lovers far outnumber those intent on killing or maiming innocent people.

  2. I remember so clearly when Bob was in New York for cancer treatments for a few weeks just after the World Trade Center bombings. I’ve never seen New Yorkers so friendly and helpful as then, but I do think it’s never quite gone back to the way it was before. May peace be with us all.

    1. Sandy, that must have been a terrible time for you at all levels.
      I suppose the palpable drawing together of communities at tough times is unlikely to last for very long after tragic events. However, it is good to know that the extent to which people do pull together when times get especially rough.

  3. We are shocked here and wondering where it will all end…but the sun is shining and the dog is sitting next to me as I type…it is the small things in life:):)

    1. Hi Olga, thanks very much for writing. I was just thinking of how much comfort dogs can bring as I opened your message. My ‘puppy’ was gazing up at me with those loving and loyal eyes of his!
      Have a happy and peaceful weekend.

  4. There was some good news this week Jean. The US Supreme Court made history when it legalized same sex marriages and confirmed funds for health care insurance for Americans. Both very positive social changes that will set many free to love as they choose and reduce poverty from overbearing health costs.

    It is good to be grounded in your own town. Nothing like a friendly smile to make your day. 😀

  5. The world does feel upside down Jean. Talk about highs and lows! Nature, walks, smiles and connection with others can remind us of our innate goodness

  6. When things seem “upside down”, and I don’t sense the blood running to my head, I take a hint that it isn’t necessarily me. At other times, I have to consider my point of view, and the juxtaposition afforded by all the things placed (by years of being told what to look for) that become mountains between me and a clear perspective. Maybe I should just go hiking in the mountains. 🙂

  7. YES!! In some ways, I feel guilty when I blog about the magic of smiling, the magic of paying attention to the grumpy man in front of me. But your post here justifies the importance of being kind, smiling at each other, acknowledging our humanness. Thank you.

  8. One of my boyhood football heroes at Birmingham City used to be a tricky winger called Dennis Thwaites. He retired from the game early. Last week he, now aged 70, and his wife were among those slaughtered on the beach.

    Meanwhile Jersey was alive with hard-fought, friendly sports competition and a celebration of life by young and old alike.

    Strange that there are two realities.

    1. Roy, I’m so sorry to hear about your football hero and his wife.
      There are so many contrasting realities going on at any given second but the one you mention here is so very, very stark.

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