Words that Haunt …..

There are words that play around in my mind and refuse to quieten unless I attend to them. The one that has been my companion for most of today is NUANCE. 

I love its gentle sound and I’ve been thinking, thinking, thinking about where it takes me.

I’m still not happy but here is the image that won’t go away:



Where does the word Nuance bring you in terms of place, image, poetry, music …..








Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

9 thoughts on “Words that Haunt …..”

  1. I would say the seashore because it takes in all my moods…from serenity to anxiety..to elation…the color of the water is forever changing..just like life …nothing ever stays the same from one moment to the next..calm or stormy…it fits my nature …Gemini

  2. Savor small distinctions, many of which go unnoticed by others. It is often for subtleties that I select a wine, an ale, a whiskey, and certainly many articles of clothing.

    As for place, it is perhaps lots of nuances that distinguish my home and my study from other situations or venues. Though they might be comfortable enough, there’s a spot in my den that cannot be replicated, even if I carried my chair around with me. When I travel to the coast, the change of view and the noticeable smell of brackish water in the air begin gradually. While taking a deep breath as it becomes more distinctive might not alert a passerby that I’m taking in a nuance at all.

    For image, it is likely to be nuances that set masterful pieces of art above the ordinary. And so it is for the other arts: music, poetry, dance, and theater as well. With music, it’s often the balance of harmonics, overtones, ghost notes, and style. Still, sometimes those differences are wonderfully striking, and not nuances at all.

    Food is that way for me. The small differences in the handiwork of a good chef can bring on a brilliantly delicious dining experience, where the mediocre cook might serve up a disaster while using the same ingredients. The experience might be profoundly large, but the variance in processes. Not so much the spice, but when and how it is used.

  3. Talking of words that stick in the mind, did you know … according to Dennis Potter (from the Singing Detective) ‘elbow’ is the most beautiful word in the English language, hence the name of the band. Another useless fact from yours truly 🙂 Have a grand day.

    1. Robin, I’ve been thinking about the word ‘elbow’ since I saw this comment from you yesterday. I certainly wouldn’t have put it high up in the beauty stakes but it grows on one!

  4. That’s interesting Jean – I’ve never thought of nuance as being so charged – although it certainly fits – when something is highly nuanced, it is filled with details that follow reality. Interesting. I actually think of this as “elegant” meaning a solution or explanation that fits reality (including the observer) like a glove – sometimes meaning efficient. I had an old Chevy that had a very unusual sliding lock on the passenger’s door that engaged whenever the door was shut. When the lock was on, there was a red strip that appeared. I had a friend in the car one night for the first time. When she went to exit she asked how to get the door to unlock and I told her to “make the red disappear.” She reached over and slid the lock exactly right to unlock it. That was elegant – four words that saw and solved the issue from her perspective.

    This applies to math problems, views (such as the one you have above), and many other applications. It can also apply to food as thevanbrown pointed out. Using what is at hand to create the most perfect solution is elegant. Or as you pointed out nuanced. I would say that nuanced described the actual matching and elegance describes the whole. Same thing different perspective. For instance the picture above can be seen as a metaphor for life – passing through a narrow portal where we can see the far side that offers a place to rest and enjoy, but we can only see part of the far side. (No relation to Gary Larson -Ha!) I could go on but I’m sure you get the drift. Elegant and nuanced.

    Oh, as an aside Jean, I did a guest post over at Cordelia’s Mom http://cordeliasmomstill.com/2015/06/22/comedy-by-winters-moon-guest-post-by-paul-curran/ If you have the time I would be honored if you could drop by. Thanks!

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