Sea Pinks or Timelines?

Economics has never been my favourite subject and I can’t say that I have brought much of what I studied of it in College into my everyday life. However, the simple, yet profound, concept of Opportunity Cost has never left me.

Coastal Path, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford
Coastal Path, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford

Yesterday, as I walked along the Coastal Path in Dunmore East here in Co. Waterford, I found myself thinking about it yet again:

Opportunity Costs: The loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.

In particular, I got to thinking about the extent to which social media has become such an integral part of life and of the endless hours one can spend on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so many more.

I wondered about the percentage of people who will look back on their lives knowing that their end is near and delight in memories of time spent reading their timelines.

No doubt some people may be Facebooking or Tweeting with their last grain of energy but I suspect that Social Media won’t even enter the minds of the vast majority.

Yes, I would much prefer to be out walking along the cliffs in Dunmore East, soaking up the sun, taking time to touch the Sea Pinks, watch the seagulls gliding, gaze across at Hook Head Lighthouse, be enraptured by the layers and layers of colour, scent, texture … than living a life or a half life through social media.

I’d certainly much prefer to depart this earth to a memory of swaying Sea Pinks than of  timelines scrolling on and on and …..

Sea Pinks
Sea Pinks



Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

17 thoughts on “Sea Pinks or Timelines?”

  1. As I scroll through this blog post… 😉
    I do agree with you. An unbelievable amount of time can be wasted on social media, if we allow it. Though often, we don’t even realize just how much time we’ve spent.
    I would much rather spend my time with friends and family, amidst nature, than virtually on line!

    1. Hi Dale, thanks for writing.
      I deliberately left blogging out as I don’t see it as being in the same category as the likes of FB and Twitter. I know there are similarities but I don’t tend to feel that time spent in blogland is time wasted and I hope that in time I will look back on my blog as I would a private journal ~ except with friends like you pitching in!

      1. My tongue was firmly planted in cheek! I do spend HOURS reading and writing blogs and agree that it is not time wasted, for the most part. I am hoping one day my boys will have my words to go back to (because they sure and hell don’t read them now!!) and find out just who their mother was!

        1. I agree that a blog can be a type of legacy ~ compared to say a load of tweets.
          Maybe, just maybe your boys are having a peep at your blog every now and then just to keep an eye on you!

    1. Hariod, that interesting that you concentrate on blogging. I opted out of FB a while back and don’t miss it at all. In fact, I’m delighted to be away from it.
      Do you see blogging as ‘social media’ in the same sense as the other platforms?

      1. Well, as I have never really explored the likes of FB & Twitter, I cannot comment with any informed opinion, but I think blogging can be, and frequently is, used in similar fashions to those media. The distinction perhaps is that it is, or can be, a writer’s medium. What puzzles me is why people use blog platforms where FB & Twitter would seem more appropriate and likely more effective – I mean bloggers who do little more than post links, or videos, or graphic/sound bites.

  2. The sea pinks are beautiful! I don’t think I have heard of them nor seen them before–but then, since I am not on the sea, that is entirely plausible I suppose. I am instead, surrounded by kudzu.

    1. Hi Suz, I’m so glad you like the sea pinks. I really look forward to their arrival every year as they dress the whole coastline around here. Kudzu doesn’t ring a bell with me. Must check it out.

  3. Without social media we wouldn’t have this site to go to and enjoy the wonderful pictures of your country. We share ideas as to what we think about a particular subject. It shows us the grey area not just black and white so we can be objective in our opinions. On the other hand it can be troublesome as we are opened to criticism which can be sometimes negative. I love seeing other places that I will perhaps never have the chance to visit. To view nature at its best. There is nothing that compares to our senses than visiting the places that nature has created..the ocean, woods, wetlands, a pasture with wild flowers..the sights, the sounds, the scents energizes ones senses. I’m on the fence on this one as I can see the advantages of both..the sea pinks are beautiful.

    1. Hi Joni, I love the way you highlight the possibilities of being able to go places virtually that are pretty much out of reach. I wonder has anyone ever gone on a virtual holiday for say a week. I think that could be quite fun, especially if one got into cooking the food associated with the exotic place!

      1. Oh no, no, no… that will definitely NOT do! No virtually visiting you, Ms Jean. I will make my way physically! 😀

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