I’ve Missed You

Tulip and Valerian
Tulip and Valerian

I’ve just been out gardening and it felt like nature was urging me back here to Social Bridge which someone once described as being like a garden. I remember being thrilled with that observation as I like to think of it as a place of creativity.

I really want to thank everyone who left comments and contacted me behind the scenes while I was off doing other things. Somehow the connections one makes through blogging are a lot deeper than one often realises.

I come bearing a poem which makes me think of my late mother who  had such a passion for writing, nature and gardening. She loved this time of year and is very much in my thoughts as her anniversary is on May 31 ~ hard to believe it could be almost 6 years ago now.

I'll Sit by the Red Valerian

I'll sit by the red valerian
with my cup of tea. Early evening.

If it comes at all, it will come
punctually, having remembered
this place in summer's geography.

Ah,look! And it's brought another.
They punch the florets. I lean
to the hum of invisible wings.

Inches only between us.

What do their nerve-cells recall
of the waves biting up, salty?

That inkling they must have had
of all this - somewhere else - existing. 

(Anne Cluysenaar: Migrations, 2011, Cinnamon 

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

29 thoughts on “I’ve Missed You”

  1. I missed you, too, Jean!

    What lovely way to have you back. You are right; I often feel a closer connection to my blogging friends. Maybe we share more with each other here than with those in our every day life.

    Beautiful poem, once again. Happy gardening! I should get to mine but the clouds are quite threatening…

    1. Hi Dale, many thanks for your kind words.

      I often wonder, too, about the nature of the connection to blogging friends. I suspect you are right about the matter of sharing and I suppose we tend to follow those with whom we feel we can empathise and with whom we have shared interests.

      1. Oh definitely! I’ve “landed” in some circles, wondering how on earth I got there because I don’t really belong so the connection is not there ~ I really need to extricate myself from some! (Not easy as there is foolishly some guilt attached)

        1. Dale, interesting point landing in circles where you feel you don’t quite belong. Sounds like you need to put the guilt to one side while you extricate yourself.

  2. Almost three months now, and during this time I’ve had to be entertained by my imagination. Such as that can be at least tricky if not dangerous. Welcome back, flowers, poems, and all.

  3. Hi Van, did you not describe your imagination as being like an attic with all sorts of interesting things there? I loved that idea.

    Thanks for the welcome! Hope you’re keeping well.

    1. The attic, located in a space between two ears, stores memories and memes, as well as a few facts. It’s a place fro processing new input, as well. Sometimes imagination makes an appearance, but if allowed off leash it can dart down the road and behave in a manner not always to the liking of the clergy, or of those who keep judgmental lists of taboos. 🙂

  4. I’m happy to know that you are back..Memorial Day.. a day for remembering loved ones, friends, old and new who have passed and for those we have been out of touch with..

  5. I can’t believe you are back a week and I didn’t see any of your posts. I’m way behind but I thought I’d gone through my reader.
    How lovely to get my morning comment from you today. I hope you are good and all is well in your world. Great to see you blogging once more. (I’ve read your posts backwards so now off to comment)

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