Blogging and Tablets?


My poor old computer is reaching the end of its days and I would be delighted if you could give me any idea how good, bad or otherwise tablets are for blogging.

I’ve been used to a desktop so it would be a matter of making that switch but only if it makes sense from other people’s experience.

Thanks in anticipation. Please bear in mind that photos are important to me.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

34 thoughts on “Blogging and Tablets?”

  1. I don’t have a tablet myself.. use the PC, or the laptop when I’m away… but I’d be interested to know myself. One blogger I know uses his smartphone for all his posts, with lots of photos too.

  2. I use my Mac computer mostly.
    I have the app on my iPad, but it is not an easy to see everything I want to see. (No dashboard view).
    The iPhone app is fast and easy to keep track of what’s happening. It beeps every time there’s a like or comment…. which means it can be a bit annoying and distracting!
    Perhaps go for a laptop instead of a desk top?

    1. Val, was in happy position of having Desktop and laptop but the latter caved in a little while back and now the desktop is breathing its last. So, have to do something! Prefer desktop really but felt it good to find out if there’s something wonderful out there that I should be thinking 😊.

  3. I use a desktop and occasionally a laptop. I’ve used my iPad once or twice but frankly, I hate it. I will be taking over Mick’s tablet, which is a Samsung so I’ll let you know if it’s better than the iPad.

    Val, you can remove the sound setting if it distracts you! (I had to as it drove me nuts!)

  4. I have never even seen my blog on a tablet believe it or not. I prefer to stick with my antediluvian PC with a whopping great HD monitor attached. I need multiple, decent sized, windows open most of the time. Working on a tablet would feel like having a physical desk the size of a bread board.

  5. I have an iPad which Rand bought for me, complete with an Internet anywhere feature so that I could blog when I did not have access to Internet. At the time, I was using Blogger, which had a mobile app, and it worked fine, if slower, due to typing on the pad using two fingers (or two thumbs). Next, he got me a gadget to upload photos from my camera rather than just the ones on the iPad, which significantly improved quality. Finally, he got me the gadget that is a keyboard for the iPad, so you can actually type on a keyboard, albeit smaller, and really brought use of the tablet/iPad to feasibility for blogging.

    While I definitely prefer my desktop over anything (big big screen, easier editing of photos), and the laptop (bigger keyboard than iPad keyboard), the iPad is certainly worth it in terms of portability and use almost anywhere. Please note, I am a Mac convert, so I cannot help in terms of PC tablets. It’s good to be married to an IT guy, and have an IT son. πŸ™‚

      1. I’ll ship them right over–please note, while helpful on the IT front, they do not cook, buy groceries, clean house, do laundry, or mow grass. If your guys do any of the above, beam them over; if not, you get all 4 of them. πŸ™‚

  6. I am using a tablet (lenovo) in every single post I did. So far, I have an easy time using it. However, I have a hard time using it when I need to embed videos. But regarding pictures, it is much easier. Also, it is not that easy to type, because it is touch screen. For almost two years in typing in my tablet,mWell I think I got used to it.
    The app is alright. But I like using the browser in posting and reading, because the app sometimes is slow than how I want it to be.
    But you know, posting through laptops and desktops are still the best.
    I hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  7. Despite all the years of development, I don’t think they have found an effective alternative to the qwerty keyboard for anything other than short messages/tweets. I have tried posting from a smartphone and thought better of it.

  8. I have an ASUS tablet. Sometimes I used it for reading blogging posts, but I find it a rather frustrating experience. If it were possible to write and publish posts on it (which I don’t think it is) I would get very annoyed with how small and fiddly everything is. My preference is for a decent desktop PC (mine is a re-build that is super powerful but I bought for a knock-down price). As far as laptops are concerned, I think they’re terrible for the posture. All my previous back problems have been cured since my laptop died and I bought the super-beast. One tip, go for Windows 7 rather than Windows 8 for your operating system. People have a number of issues with the latter.

  9. Notebooks are good if you travel alot, I find to hold pictures and really nice pictures you need a lot of GB to store them and I think but could be wrong the notebooks only come with so many??? The desk tops I believe you get more for the money.

  10. I wouldn’t call it “good” but it’s not BAD either, it just seems a little wieldy and clumsy but like all things this settles down once you “learn” the paces. I wouldn’t want to do it all the time tho. (I have used my smart phone to blog as well). One alternative that you might really like is the Surface Pro 3. I really like it’s “tablet-a-bility” and laptop convenience with the addition of the keyboard (about 125. extra).. yeah, I am a bit of a gadget nerd…

  11. I have a Chromebook. Cheap and small and the only thing I have figured that I can do with it is search the internet and blog. There may be more, I just haven’t found them yet. Blogging is very easy with the Chromebook.

  12. Uh ohh Jean, been there done that and not in a rush to get back :-/ For blogging, I’d say bigger is better! Throughout the spring of 2014, I blogged exclusively through my iPad. My iMac had died, so it was time for the “KWH iPad Show” πŸ˜‰ It was much slower then the desktop, but adjusting the mindset (and adding a keyboard) can make all the difference πŸ™‚ β™₯ ❀

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