Stepping Out at Sunset

The Nire Valley, Co. Waterford
The Nire Valley, Co. Waterford

The death of my long-time boyfriend from cancer in the early hours of January 5, 1981 was, without doubt, one of most life-changing events I have experienced to date.

It seemed that our future was carved out but he was one of those healthy, fit, kind, loving people that cancer visits in its random way and ravages without any mercy.

He was older than me and was the guy who taught me what it means to fall in love, live with hope, and accept death as a natural part of being human.

Though heart-broken, I saw his death as being as natural as the sunset.

Tonight, I remember him with intense love and gratitude.

I also thank him for showing me that quality of dying and carving out one’s own approach to it is hugely important.




Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

20 thoughts on “Stepping Out at Sunset”

    1. Andrea, thanks for writing. Wisdom is a very big word and I suppose one of the key lessons it all taught me was that one can never know how one will respond to death, as each death of a loved one is such a different experience.

  1. He taught you how to turn a negative experience into a meaningful one that would be your guide in life as how to deal with grief when a loved one passes on. He taught you to have courage in the face of adversity by his courage in facing his own. Thank you for sharing this sad but moving experience..

  2. I admire him without having met because he obviously had a lesson to teach and did it with grace. People like him are unforgettable. I am glad that you had the experience of a love like that – what a gift, and yet, what a loss.

  3. Lovely tribute to your lost love. I ve little doubt a part of him has lived in your heart all these years. Its never over, different but not over. At least you both shared that intense love many are never so lucky. Lovely choice of song.

  4. “Though heart-broken, I saw his death as being as natural as the sunset.” Such a potent life-lesson, so beautifully written in such a powerful little line… My mum, also vitative and strong with life and health, had the same visit with cancer and departed prematurely. I learned a similar lesson. Hugs. Beautiful post and remembrance of your departed love. And how much I love “Red is the Rose”- perfect. Superb sunset. Best wishes,

    smiling toad

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