Stepping Out

I hadn’t looked at the weather forecast when I chose Stepping Out  as my theme for 2015. But I must say there’s nothing like the combination of a madly energetic puppy, Stan, and a brand new theme to pull one out into howling winds and that wettest kind of Irish rain.

We made for Kilfarrasy Beach which has tall, tall cliffs and has lots of memories, including long chats with Dad in the months after Mother died. He invariably looked down the beach and talked nostalgically about all the happy days we’d spent there years ago as a family ~ picnics, buckets and spades, and, of course, the day when I was a toddler and slipped away from Mother’s watchful eye to head out to where he was happily swimming until he saw me laughing and waving at him chin-deep in water. He was amazed that either of us had lived beyond that moment for even 50 seconds, not to talk about 50 years, to be able to talk about that early splurge for independence.

Dad must have taken a thousand photographs of Kilfarrasy in his time but this one was always his favourite:

Kilfarrasy Beach, Co. Waterford Photo: Frank Tubridy
Kilfarrasy Beach, Co. Waterford
Photo: Frank Tubridy

It stood in stark contrast today but had a wonderful wildness and energy about it.

Kilfarrasy Beach, Jan 1, 2015
Kilfarrasy Beach, Jan 1, 2015

The stones, though, were as colourful as ever and I couldn’t resist getting embroiled in a bit of artwork. Broad brush strokes, I told myself, as I gathered small rocks rather than stones and made my mosiac. It started as a heart with 2015 beneath it; then I piled the 2015 into the heart and collected 11 more stones ~ one for each letter of STEPPING OUT and tossed them in.

May 2015 be a year filled with Love and Heart in Blogosphere and all around the World. 




Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

26 thoughts on “Stepping Out”

  1. Great post Jean! Wonderful memories and your Dad’s favorite photo is so powerful. Your photos are also very good. It just occurred to me that one of my mental images of Ireland is that it is very wet and green. The green part I see in your photos and descriptions, but I don’t think I’ve heard you mention rain before. The storm tossed waters of Killfarrasy are really beautiful and highlight the rain.

    Thank you very much for the wishing stones and for the wonderful post on this first day of a new year.

    1. Paul, thanks very much for writing and for your kind words.
      I must say that we’re lucky here in the South-East in terms of rainfall. We get less than any other part of Ireland. Hope you’re keeping well?

  2. Great photos, and a moment of nostalgia for you. You are lucky you weren’t living in Cork today, the weather was dreadful, strong winds and torrential rain.

    1. Hi Tric, thanks for writing. Oh it was very windy and wet when we were out but I love to be at the sea in all its moods. It has a knack of being beautiful, no matter what.

  3. Easy to see why your dad loved that photo. And that’s some lovely heart art of stones you thought to make there! Good ol’ Stan… getting an early start with stepping out and all that 🙂 ♥ ❤

  4. Wonderful photos, Jean, to accompany wonderful thoughts and words. Thank you for ‘stepping out’ and casting all our collective wishing stones into the eternal sea. Wishing you and all those you love a very happy, hopeful and healthy new year ahead.

  5. Wonderful post, Jean, along with nostalgic memories and gorgeous photos. Interesting to see the contrast between the two…I love your mosaic, too, just lovely. Wishing you a new year filled with many highs and not so many lows! 🙂

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