Bloggers, What Are Your Punctuation Foibles?

The Flow of Writing
The Flow of Writing

Style here is about the absolute nitty-gritty of writing and the use of things like colons, semi-colons, question marks and the like, e.g. ~

I had a blank page on the beach yesterday as well as a big seaweed pen so got cracking on possible options. (I omitted ~ as it seems no one else uses it except me and I make up for the rest of you.)



I’ve realised that I can’t seem to live without exclamation marks, especially in comments. Maybe a few smileys would work better but my PC doesn’t know about them! (see exclamation mark, again, and this isn’t even a comment.)

Question marks are a bit of an issue for me as well and I attribute that to the fact that I’m a sociologist and feel like I’m meant to ask questions. I’ve got such a teasing about the amount of questions I ask that I’ve had to try and find all sorts of ways around this.

Lots to be said for ….. at the end of a piece or it can seem so. Perhaps that’s just plain laziness. I’m not sure.

I’d love to hear about your punctuation addictions, habits, trials, victories … before the tide washes them away.


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

31 thoughts on “Bloggers, What Are Your Punctuation Foibles?”

  1. Yes I have to ruthlessly limit exclamation marks or they start looking a bit silly.

    Today I’m writing dialogue for an old Irish couple and it’s struck me how much Irish speech is in the form of rhetorical questions. ‘Sure why wouldn’t we be having a holiday for ourselves?’ ‘Would you ever put on the kettle?’ ‘Wouldn’t you be saying she’s looking awfully thin?’ Should I put the question marks or treat them as the statements they really are?

  2. I like ‘proper’ punctuation. Old habits die hard.
    And smileys 🙂 The closest you can get to adding inflection to the written word on social media.
    The chief foible though… the dreaded three dot pause I learned in France 🙂

  3. Iam a big fan of the dash and elipsis. I have to edit them out pr my posts would just read “- … – – – … – … – – … … … -” ha! You know, looking at it that way, it could be Morris Code. hmmm, have to look into that.

  4. I too use ! when I want to get a point across. I also use ~ for a softer way of ending a sentence instead of a . Sometimes to give it the “WOW” factor I use ” …I also like > and< for showing directions. Where would we be if we couldn't use * to note something..Or to show ( ) an explantation of something else..This is also a favorite # to denote steps to be taken in place of numbers or bullets …..Whether it's right or wrong it's my style…

  5. I’m a sucker for the three dot pause… and exclamations in comments too!
    I saw the < followed by a 3 for so long before I realized that it becomes ❤ (which can show up as a heart!)

  6. Well… as the resident Grammar Nazi, I have to admit I am rather anal-retentive when it comes to punctuation. I even use semi-colons! Maybe too fond of the … and, when I find I’ve gone a little too !! happy, I try to tone it down a notch. When not using (), I can be found using – as I’ve yet to find the ̶̶ on my keyboard and it only shows up when it feels like, depending on the medium… I am a tad too lazy to go get it on the character map…

    Now I’m off to click on the Holistic Wayfarer’s link…. 😉

  7. Enjoyed this post along with every comment herein. Other than run-on sentences, the punctuation foible is my defining signature. Particularly liked Holistic Wayfarer’s comments, and link to blog about clichés. I use them, many of which come from the department of redundancy department. Also liked Wayfarer’s blog about the ten commandments of blogging, all of which I’ve broken as you would expect of the heathen rascal that I am. In fact, in a community of orthodox writers I’d certainly be excommunicated, or at least flogged regularly.

    But to the point (exclamation or otherwise), I confess to total excessiveness, and without a hint of a repentant spirit lingering about to enforce compliance or proper conformity.

  8. I love this post and the comments too. I tend to overuse the m-dash, but WordPress is an enabler, as it so conveniently takes hyphen-hyphen and makes an m-dash for me (unlike MS Word, where I have to copy one in)

    1. Sandy, glad you like this fun post. It’s one of my favourites as the comments are so light, yet serious. Now, I must confess that the m-dash is not part of my vocabulary (yet).

  9. LoL … truth be told, I’ve been known to get a bit comma-happy. But these comments have graciously eased my fears of excessive use with …’s, !!!’s, and my beloved em dash! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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