Running East

I was awake very early yesterday morning and had one of those pre-dawn walks with puppy Stan before the birds were even chirping.

Just as we were coming home I could see that there was the prospect of a glorious sunrise out at Dunmore East. I haven’t said much before about how Co. Waterford is very much divided into the East and West for all sorts of things, including sport. But I suspect the division may have started with the sun, like so many other traditions.

I knew I just had to get to the Coastal Walk in Dunmore ~ a place that is fast becoming very special to me because of the magnificent vistas it presents and, of course, its view across the Waterford Estuary to the Hook Head Lighthouse in Co. Wexford, the oldest operational lighthouse in the world.

I didn’t meet a soul on my travels; just as well really as I felt like a character in Wuthering Heights and only realised when I got home that I was wearing odd shoes and the raggediest jacket in the place ~ one that served as Stan’s emergency bedding for a while.

Here’s the drama that unfolded before my very eyes out on that glorious Coastal Walk high up on the cliffs.

Back at Dunmore East Harbour, the boats were swaying as the gulls screeched. And there among the fishing boats was this one:

Sunrise 11 at Dunmore East, Co. Waterford.


I caught this glimpse of Tramore on my way home, taking a few of the lovely by-roads on the eight mile trip. The tide was almost fully in so the sand dunes were surrounded by water with the Back Strand sky blue and I suspected the gentle waves lapping up on to my beloved beach.  I always feel gleeful when I can see the Comeragh Mountains standing tall behind Tramore and think  Waterford is a county that has everything I could ever want. 

View of Tramore and Comeragh Mountains, Co. Waterford.



Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

20 thoughts on “Running East”

  1. Jean, your photos of the sunrise are amazing.. 😉 Like yourself I also love to catch the sunrises, from a county road I walk daily. Gorgeous, gorgeous….<3

  2. You had me at “Co. Waterford.” I automatically like you :-D.

    My husband’s father’s family is all from Ireland, and a large portion of both my mother’s and father’s sides are also from Ireland. I have gotten quite a bit into genealogy and have really enjoyed digging into our roots – but getting into the ancestors prior to immigration proves to be a difficult animal to tackle, particularly from this side of the ocean! 🙂

    Hubby and I hope to make a trip to the Mother Country sometime in the next couple of years (we’d like to bring the children, thus a bit more of a wait while we save up the required funds!)

    Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your blog, and I’m so glad we “met” on OM’s blog :-D.

  3. That was a grand walk, Jean. Eight miles! And you probably went back for a swim in the evening. Lovely pics, reminding me to perhaps brave the frosty roads these mornings and catch a glimpse of sunrise on the sea myself.

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