Toddlerhood        Photo: Frank Tubridy

This photograph was taken about 17 years ago. It’s one of my favourites of our son, Harry, because of the way he seems to be looking towards the future.

We were in that future together this evening when we went to a hurling match  to cheer on the Waterford Senior Team.

I still find it incredible that this ‘little boy’ is now towering over me ~ as he stands at 6ft 3in.

Sometimes, I see a familiar looking person coming towards me and suddenly realise that it’s him.

I wonder where was I when he was growing up?



Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

38 thoughts on “Vision”

    1. Hi Dale, lovely to hear from you.
      Glad you like the photo. I’m totally and utterly biased but I think the he’s holding his looks, even if the curls are stashed away in an envelope.

  1. thanks Jean… I can relate with your statement. I have two sons….. The vision began with us, and during our absence, we were busy building the family foundation…. This was so our sons could, if they chose, be an extension of our vision… which in the circle of life, is something they will share and will pass along to their children .. beautiful words and a beautiful son Jean ….hugs XO

    1. Jean, what an interesting way of explaining the ‘absence.’ Let’s hope they do chose to be an extension of our vision, or better still, add their own creativity to it.

          1. Oh it’s ok. I got the feeling but I didn’t assume. 🙂 my username mean “I am Rima” so basically my name is RIma. No harm done. 🙂 It’s so sweet of you to give me some kind of nickname. Thank you for that. XD

  2. He certainly was a little cutie then, I imagine he has grown into a handsome lad now..his height is astounding. I can remember times in our childrens lives that I didn’t recognize them until they were right in front of me. Was I looking at them through a strangers eyes? Sometimes we get so use to looking at things we take them for example would be the town or city where you live; How many times have you passed a building or store and then one day you notice that something is different be it a remodel or has it been demolished. We go through life sometimes not really be aware of what’s going on around us.

  3. A lovely picture, Jean 🙂 When boys are that age, it’s quite hard to imagine them when they’re grown up. I think that males change more in appearance. My son is 6ft 5in tall now, but he’s still my little boy, though, with his own brand of individualism.

      1. Thugs don’t tend to pick on him, especially since he has grown a beard and started working out at the gym! He can look really fierce when he wants to, but he’s a real softie and a gentleman inside.

  4. I wonder the same thing when I’m with my son – now 6’2″ and a quiet, introspective, sometimes chilly, sometimes very warm man. Where’s the little boy who laughed often and bought me flowers when he needed to say “I’m sorry”? Well, good news is that he does the same things with his wife now, so I trained him well.

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