It’s Open House on Social Bridge ~ Party Time!

 Sounds of Ireland

Connection has been my theme for 2014  on Social Bridge and I would love to have a shot at having a party here  at which people would come and chat, mingle, maybe bring a song, poem, photo or party-piece of some description. I’m talking ‘real time,’ to the greatest extent possible, dear Friends.

Given the global nature of things it would have to be one of those parties which sees sunset and sunrise all round the world.

So sail on in ~ it’s party weekend and all are welcome!

(P.S. I know this isn’t Twitter but it would be great if we can make this work in blogland!)



Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

79 thoughts on “It’s Open House on Social Bridge ~ Party Time!”

    1. Roy, also have to say it reminds me of a time we went on a school tour when I was about 15. We were singing madly on the bus: ‘Roll me over in the clover ……’ Next day, we were all summoned to the Head Nun’s office and told to sing the entire song! The silence was deafening at 9.10am that morning!

  1. What a neat idea. Okay. It’s 4:43 am CA time. I’m sitting in an airport hotel waiting for my flight back to my new home in Boston. My guy and I suffered through the worst CA storm in half a decade yesterday to drive here to the airport, and it was a white-knuckle ride on the highway from Marin County to SFO – winds, driving rain, cars swerving from lane to lane, me keeping m lips pursed together so not to yell out, ‘watch out!’ every time we almost hydroplaned. Speaking of planes, I better go check out and board onto my next adventure. Thanks for the invite to your open house!

  2. Great idea, Jean!
    To be sung to the tune of Dickie Valentine’s ‘Christmas Alphabet’…

    C is for the candles saving electricity
    H is for the heating only on twixt two and three
    R is for the rooms too cold to use until the spring
    I is for the icy blast each open door will bring.
    S is for the socks and scarf in which we huddle tight
    T is for the toaster that cooks dinner every night
    M is for the moisture running down the window pane
    A is for the aching joints the cold set off again
    S is for Old Santa who might come and call… and yet
    Will he bring us some better letters for this Christmas Alphabet?

  3. I partied with my orange juice and biscuit, little Libby watching from her post on the end of the bed in confusion as to why I was dancing in my chair. I’ll just pop into the kitchen for my tea now, and come back to see if anyone dropped off scones.

  4. I suppose you have been partying hard while I have been nursing a husband out of hospital but I could do with a glass of wine and here I have made some mince pies today! Okay new song that always gets me up and dancing

    Old party dance track?


    1. Agreed Willowdot, that song makes you wanna dance. It’s a bit early in the morning (over here anyway) for me to enjoy the beer, so I just put it on ice for later in the day.

  5. A party? I have really nothing to wear, and some parties do have a dress code. Here’s a bit of musical interpretation that is overwhelmingly pleasant enough to play several times. Be mindful of the imagination that gave us the original. Thirty-four years ago this month, that light went out.

    1. Van, this is a good follow up to the dancing tune, and one that allowed me to appreciate again the brilliance of Lennon’s work. I really like both these guys. As to dress code, I’m in my tiger pajamas–was that a no-no?

    1. Okay Jean find the image you want if it is on goole images select it from the page full of images when it comes up as a single image right click on it and a box will appear select Copy image URL the go to comment box you want to put the image in click in that box then click ctrl and V together the URL will appear when you post the comment the image will appear. This fails if the image is encrypted or if you get a page full of gobblydygoop just delete and use another image. You can use same proceed on your own blog or others. Let me know if this helps. Hugs xxx

      1. Hi Willow, I’m afraid I’m not having any success with trying to get the images into the comments. Even the ones that aren’t encrypted are coming out as code when I publish.
        No doubt, it’s something very small that I’m missing!

  6. I’m impressed! I wanted to add a photo too, then realized I don’t know how. Lovely idea for a party though, could it also be a tutorial for how everyone added their photos? Thanks and party on — much joy in the New Year to all — Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy, good question about adding the images. I’ve never done it in comments before and have tried, like you, so am hoping Willow will come to our assistance.
      Seems that they are of a different order to YouTube!
      Will keep you posted.

    1. Morning Roy, quite the party hopper, by the sound of things.
      I can just imagine you relishing being The Ghost of Christmas with your interest in old buildings and the like. I’m glad it was morning when I read this as I’m terrified of ghosts since my brother told me about a carriage drawn by headless horses that DEFINITELY went down Main Street, Castleblayney every morning at 2am or so. We lived there for 4 years and if I woke around 2am, I’d hide under the blankets with my hands over my ears!

    2. Roy, may I corner you at the party for a moment? I seem to remember that you posted a photo of your own in one of your comments here on Social Bridge. Can you remember how you did it? Cutting and pasting isn’t working for me, anyway and others are having problems too. All advice welcome.
      Now, how about a chat about the Waterford/Cork hurling rivalry!!!

      1. Copy/paste the URL?…0…1ac.1.60.img..2.16.1504.Hd0A_d7SRPU#facrc=_&imgdii=_&

    1. You must realize that now we will all be uploading decorations and food and drink–pretty soon, it will be as if Frank Kelly’s true love has set loose on you, and the place will be overflowing with cold coffee, warm beer, and the geese and swam will be all over the biscuits!

  7. Okay as my sons would say lets do step by step 🙂 First go to google images say snowmen

    Step 1 go to google images Snowmen.

    Step 2 left click on the picture in fourth row down second in . just as an example .

    Step 3 This will open up a box with said image in, on the left, and maybe some others others set to the right. You can click on those two and they will become the large image on left if you prefer them.

    Step 4 right click on image you like ,

    Step 5 go to comment box press ctrl and V together and that should work when you post.

    The pictures do not appear until you post.
    I do hope this works!

    1. Thanks Willow. Just found this buried in pending! Will be having another lash. As for posting one’s own photos, dare I ask if you can help with that (I mean posting them in comments).

  8. This is just so fitting. To party, I mean.
    Thank you dear hostess!
    Here in Sweden we celebrate Lucia, the carrier of light. Enjoy!

  9. Hi Jean,

    Wonderful idea and I thought I’d bring some dancing music…hope this works!

    I also can’t come empty handed, so here are some of my Christmas cookies, which you’ve already seen, but dig in and enjoy! 🙂

    And I couldn’t help but reading that roughwighting was in my neck of the woods on Thursday during our big storm. I’m from Marin County so it was interesting reading about someone else who was nearby…

    Anyway, party on, be happy and be safe! Hugs! Oh, by the way, hubby and I are about to indulge by enjoying a Brandy Eggnog (a treat for this time of year)…

  10. Happy Sunday All! Let us party ’til midnight. It’s 12:52pm here in Ireland but clearly it’s all sorts of different times around the globe. That’s one of the things I love about blogging. (It never sleeps!).
    Anyway, here’s one of my favourite Sunday morning songs ~ think of it every single Sunday of the year.

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