One of the Missing Pieces

Photo: Frank Tubridy
Photo: Frank Tubridy

This photograph which was taken by my late father a few decades ago has been puzzling me for ages. I suspected that it was a part of the Copper Coast here in Co. Waterford but was cocky enough to think that I knew the whole coastline backways.

Yesterday evening, I went out to Annestown Beach which is a lovely place to capture the sunset and while I was waiting I climbed up the cliff to see if I could get an even better vantage point than ever.

The vista that opened out before me seemed very familiar. Yes, I had been up there before but there was an even greater familiarity than that.

The Cliffs between Annestown and Kilfarrassy, Co. Waterford.
The Cliffs between Annestown and Kilfarrassy, Co. Waterford.

The rocks in the distance tell the whole story and I got a real sense of  having found part of what I’ve long been looking for when I compared the two photos today.

The actual sunset image that I liked best out of the many I took was this one ~ just after the sun had gone for yet another day. It’s the peacefulness of the after-glow and the last lingering look.

Annestown Beach, Co. Waterford
Annestown Beach, Co. Waterford

As I write this post tonight, I can’t but think of all the other photographs of Father’s which are hauntingly familiar but haven’t revealed their identities yet. It’s a lovely feeling to know that there are still lots of unsolved mysteries and places that he and I will share in time to come.












Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

12 thoughts on “One of the Missing Pieces”

  1. How profound that the song by U2 runs parallel to your story of your fathers’ pictures..I’m sure in time all will reveal themselves to you through his eyes that captured the pictures…That’s his legacy to you…I always loved this song by U2…

    1. Hi Willow, thanks for writing. Yes, I feel extremely fortunate that Father left such great memories and photographs. I wouldn’t say an hour goes by that he doesn’t flash into my thoughts in some way or another ~ usually with a chuckle!

    1. I was thinking of you, Roy, when I took it. I hopped over an electric fence top try and get the one of the hayfield that you asked about before but it was too dark. Will give it another go and hope I don’t get electrocuted!

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