Sunset at Hook Head, Co. Wexford
Sunset at Hook Head, Co. Wexford
sunsets and dying
natural and bittersweet
some days end early


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

15 thoughts on “Sunset”

  1. I love sunsets, and I love the oceans and the seas, and more so those surrounded by craggy rocks than those surrounded by a pristine beach of white sand. I want my beaches rugged, giving testimony to having weathered being slapped and slung by the breaking waves. I want my rocks with bird droppings, giving testimony of life in and out of the water. I want my sun bright yellow and orange and purple and deep dark, hovering over the deep and dark depths of the water, a glowing contradiction to life and death. Yes, I think it natural and yet bittersweet–both the dying and the sunset, as natural as the sunrise and the birthing and all the moments in between.

    Some days do end early and some just seem to go on forever in our hopes and dreams and joy and elation. It’s all Ireland, and its Scotland, and its the US, and its a tiny island in the Bering Sea and its a tiny Island off the coast of Africa, and its where ever and what ever, for we are there, rejoicing together in the things and places and people we love, and those we might come to love if we but allow ourselves the possibility.

    1. Thanks Tric. Daniel actually crossed my mind when I was writing it. It relates to a number of people who were very close to me who died at young ages.
      The first major loss of my life was my long-time boyfriend to cancer when I was 24. Even though he was young, for some reason, I saw his death as being as natural as the sun setting and have a vivid memory of going to the beach at sunrise on the morning he died and feeling such a sense of his energy being poured into me.
      Since then, other deaths of young people have seemed equally ‘natural.’ It’s difficult to explain but I never had a sense that anyone had a right to live a long life. The notion that it is unfair for someone to die young has never come into it with me. Those to whom I have been very close, like my boyfriend, seemed to have lived full lives in the sense that they embraced life to the full, probably more fully than many who live for multiples of the years they had. I suppose it comes down to quality of life not quantity and as a consequence quality of the emotional legacy which they leave. I hasten to add that I’m not religious in any way! I hope this makes some sense.

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