Have a Sit Down!



I’ve been passing this seat on the side of the road a few miles from Tramore for years now and have long meant to take a photo of it.

I’d love to know what its history is, and indeed, what purpose it’s serving now.

It reminds me of a wreck of a HUGE trampoline in our back garden that anyone in their right senses would wonder about.

The trampoline had glory days and was a birthday present for son (19) when he was twelve. He got endless hours of trampolining on it and half the kids in the neighbourhood would be in jumping on it  ’til after dark. When it started to fall to pieces, it became a place where son would lie in the sun or jump with great gingerliness while chatting to pals on the phone.

You wouldn’t hardly know now that it was ever a trampoline but I can’t bring myself to dump it as the dogs have made it their own. They lie on the untorn bits in the sun and sort of bob up and down. Or,  they take shelter beneath when they’re too hot or if it’s raining. So how, could I possibly remove such a useful eyesore that has a whole new life now?

So, to come back to the chair on the side of the road, I’ve no doubt that it had glory days, too, doing what these kinds of chairs are meant to do and probably saw afternoon tea in the garden with homemade cakes and doilies. But what does it do now?

PS. To ‘have a sit down’ about something is a term that I’ve only heard from one person over the years. In her house, it meant to have a family confab about something that was deemed important ~ be it an everyday thing like what to do about a leaky pipe or a more substantial question like whether or not to get a dog.


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

13 thoughts on “Have a Sit Down!”

  1. I also often pass this chair and wonder what it might been used for?I thought it might have been used to place a milk churn on in my fantasy tale.

    1. Hi Sinead, great to hear from you. I’ve wondered about a place for a milk churn too but it looks a bit like the chair is surplus to requirements for that purpose. Maybe it had legs back then, now that I think of it!!

  2. There it sits the lonely chair
    It is there but it comes from who knows where
    It has lost it’s legs where have they gone
    Sitting there upon the stone does it sing it’s happy song.

    In days gone by it was a handsome sight
    Sat upon on sunny days and moon lit nights
    I wonder what tales it has to tell of things it may have seen
    Children growing, friends and lovers such talk of dreams that might of been.

    Now it rests by the road, legless but still a witness
    It’s secrets are safe it will not tell of the touch or illicit kiss.
    It greets you every day a marker in you life for good or bad
    Perhaps it’s past is not for you to know , yet it’s removal would leave you sad.

    🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Willow, I just love all you’ve captured in this poem
      I’ll think of it everytime I pass the chair and I’ve decided now, due to you, not to ask about it but dream on! Thanks so much. Jx

  3. But modern manufactured items are so ephemeral and, to my mind, have little magic. In a year or so the chair will be gone, yet the wall behind it will likely still be there in 100 years. Of course your trampoline has more personal memories.

    1. Hi Roy, it would be nice if the wall was a true stone wall, as there are quite a few nearby but, yes, the chair will more than likely disintegrate first.
      It’s been there a good few years now and is wearing pretty well so must be made of strong stuff.
      The poor old trampoline is likely to be the first to go but I suspect it will have a life down the generations, should son have kids at some stage.

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