An Irish Welcome in Kilkenny City

I was in Kilkenny City this evening to hear the great American poet, Billy Collins, read at the Parade Tower of Kilkenny Castle as part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival.

The very first welcome I received was about 10 metres from where I parked my car and it came from a Kilkenny cat who purred and purred on a wall, calling for my attention.

As one with a big interest in hurling and basically being star-stuck by the Kilkenny Team, otherwise known as The Cats, it seemed just right that this would be my welcome to the place where my beloved parents met way back in the early 1940s.

Talk about ‘connections’ ~ eh?

Kilkenny Cat!
Kilkenny Cat!

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

15 thoughts on “An Irish Welcome in Kilkenny City”

  1. That posted too soon. I wanted to ask how was the reading or did it happen yet and what else are you planning to go to. (Forgive me I am living a life through others)

    1. The reading was brilliant. Plan to write about it tomorrow or the next day. It was one of those evenings that seems beyond the magical and takes time to absorb.
      The Festival ends tomorrow and Billy Collins was my pick for this year. I’m so glad I managed to get there as I love his poetry and wanted to see him in the flesh, especially in Kilkenny which holds so much appeal for me.
      Interesting that you feel you’re living your life through others. I was so envious of you going to visit your mother. I would love to still have mine around and to have been able to bring her to hear Billy Collins in Kilkenny. Now that would be like asking Santa for everything!!

      1. Yes I get that. Every day when I ring her and she is so with it and chirpy I count my blessings and when I get to go and see her I chastise myself for not doing it more often. I do indeed know I am lucky, and having lost my dad I have some idea of loss.
        Enjoy the rest of the festival, in time to come this would be my ideal. I am sure your mom was not too far away tonight.x

        1. Oh there’ll be plenty of time for festivals! Make the most of every minute with your Mama.
          Yes, I definitely felt she was very close by this evening. Have to say, I never feel either she or Dad are more than a heartbeat away ~ if even that!

    1. Hi Suz, now I just have to tell you that the green building is a lovely looking guest house. I’m always looking for excuses to stay there but we only live about 50 mins from Kilkenny.

    1. Thanks Roy and tough luck on Cork’s hammering by Tipp today. No doubt, there are all sorts of Cats licking their lips at the prospect of All Ireland day.
      Cork’s defeat is my gain as hubby is out and out Tipp and what arrives home from Croke Park will be premier pride and weeks of glorious anticipation. Naturally, father-son bonding on a high too over glorious tasting soggy tomato sambos and the obligatory flask that spans generations on the male line! So you and JBM should rest happily!

      1. Haha! Thanks Jean. Yes that was a dagger through the heart today and I stopped following after Tipp’s second goal 😦 I hope your men have a great day out in Dublin – JBM will be gracious in defeat and Cork will be back 🙂

  2. Brilliant that you got to see one of your favourite poets so close to home. There was a great atmosphere in Kilkenny for arts week as usual. I got to a reading by novelists Hugo Hamilton, Liz Nugent and Donal Ryan. Was brilliant – and went so fast too!

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