Ireland ~ The Land of Horses

Summer GrazingHorses are a fundamental part of Ireland and Irishness. We stand tall on the world stage when it comes to horse-breeding, horse-racing, show-jumping and so many great names and places comes to mind when horses are mentioned in the Irish context.  How about Arkle, Redrum, Dawn Run, Moscow Flyer, Nijinsky, Shergar, Australia,  Vincent O’ Brien,  Tom Dreaper, Aidan O’ Brien, Jim Bolger, Capt. Michael Tubridy, Eddie Macken, Paul Darragh,  Coolmore Stud, The Curragh, Punchestown, Fairyhouse, Pat Taaffe,  Ruby Walsh, Barry Geraghty,  The Royal Dublin Horse Show,  Laytown Races …  just for starters?

Horses have always been part of my landscape. I loved hearing my father telling me about his younger brother, Michael, who was a world class show jumper and nothing soothed me more at bedtime than Mother telling me about her happy childhood days on a farm with her beloved pony, Jock.  I must have read every single book that was ever written about young girls and their ponies and was fortunate to be brought to places like the Dublin Horse Show and race meetings all round the country.

I have what I consider to be my very own ‘horse show’ here in Tramore every day when I bring the dogs out along Cliff Road to Newtown Wood. There is a field, with a spectacular view of  Tramore Bay, which is the grazing place of the friendliest horses I know. These are horses that trot gently over to the gate to be patted.  I could spend hours there running my fingers through their manes and gazing into their big brown eyes.

I guess most Irish people have a special field such as this in which noble, nuzzling friends reside and ones that evoke thoughts of echoing hooves and contented whinnying.










Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

8 thoughts on “Ireland ~ The Land of Horses”

  1. I have no experience of horses, except through friends. but last night I heard a wonderful documentary on RTE radio about Irish horses. I think you would really enjoy it looking at this post. Don’t ask me what it was called but RTE last night should get you there!

    1. Hi Tric, thanks for telling me about the documentary. Yes, I heard it on the night and you’re right, it was perfect material for me! I’ve great respect for RTE Radio Documentaries. They are invariably great but this one was special!!

  2. Hi,

    Horses are such noble and beautiful animals. The only time I get to enjoy them is when we go up to Vermont, where there is lots of open space and farmland. I love watching them. You are so lucky that you have them close by.

    1. Hello Nancy, yes I’m blessed to have horses all round me here. I certainly missed them when I lived in the very heart of Dublin.
      I must say that the mere mention of Vermont makes me tingle. It’s a place I’d love to see. The colours always seem so amazing there.

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