Males and Women’s Lingerie

I’ve become very conscious of living in an all male household since the sad passing in January of my beloved King Charles, Sophie, who was like a daughter to me.

Puppy Stan, now nearly nine months old, is pure joy but he’s very male … and has a complete obsession with  underwear. The other day, while I was in swimming he was prancing around the beach with my pink bra around his neck and matching knickers in his mouth. Since he started his antics, I’ve had to be sure to wear very respectable underwear as its bound to be on public show at least once a day.


I was brought up in the era of  ‘always be sure your underwear is clean in case you have an accident and have to be hauled into hospital,’ but Stan has really upped the stakes considerably as there was invariably an ‘in case’ involved in the earlier scenario.

Because of my new found need for very respectable lingerie, I’ve been in and out of lingerie departments like nobody’s business. Bear in mind that we have two other male dogs, as well as young Stan,  who have a habit of gathering my underwear to line their beds.

Anyway, I’ve been really struck by the number of  men lurking around bra and pantie stands. They tend to be in their teens, though by no means always, and are usually accompanying a woman. Some seem quite at ease; others blushing, scarlet,  and absolutely mortified.

I must say that I’ve never been one to bring a man into a lingerie department or, indeed to want one there with me. The sociologist in me keeps wondering about these trends. Do YOU know anything about them, dear readers? For example, do/did you bring your boyfriend or hubby shopping for knickers and the like or did/does he insist on going with you? Obviously, I would be delighted to hear from my male readers too!

I’m also intrigued to know how young Stan, or his elder canine companions here, would react if let loose in among all the bits and bobs on show in lingerie departments nowadays. Watch out for  headlines in local Waterford newpapers  like:

Racy Stan Leads Pack on Lacy Plunge




Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

21 thoughts on “Males and Women’s Lingerie”

  1. I have to say that remarks about “racy Stan” are purely coincidental. And that any visit I make to a lingerie department is completely innocent. Maybe a little educational- but innocent nonetheless

    1. Hey Stan, good to hear from you! I’ll bear your comment in mind if/when we meet in a lingerie department in Waterford. Seems like we’ve met just about everywhere else!!

  2. I, too, am a lone female in a house of males (well, except for Moondust the cat – but, she’s a cat and, like all cats, doesn’t care about anything!) Don’t give up the pinks and purples, Jean! Just, ensure they are out of Stan’s reach is all…. There is enough beige in the world as it is, show your colours! Well, up to you how much you are willing to show, of course…. 😀 )

    Oh, forgot to answer your question. I do my “skivvy purchasing” alone….no need for a man’s two-cents-worth!

  3. Got a good chuckle from all this. If either of our dogs take an interest in undies, I’ll not presume it to be a fashion statement. We did have a cat once that took quite an interest in my socks when I removed them from my feet at the end of the the day. She tried to kill them, and I’m sure they had it coming.

  4. Eeeuw! Dogs are fixated with crotches anyway, aren’t they?! Re the question about taking a man into the lingerie dept… I tend to get as far as the outer reaches of the bra section and then say ‘why don’t you have a look at the shirts, darling?’ or ‘I’ll meet you over by the men’s socks in a little while’ at which my other half gladly takes the hint. It’s not that he would mind lurking among the thongs but it’s the helpful suggestions I struggle with (‘how about this one?’ pointing at some kind of girlie wisp of a lace hanky that would need corrugated-iron reinforcement to cope with my mature chest). Mind you I did recently take him into a little lingerie boutique when I wanted to buy a ‘grown up’ swimsuit, and made him sit around for about an hour while I tried stuff on. He’s very good at chatting with the ladies and was on first-name terms with most of them by the time we left.

    1. Hello Robin, how right you are about ‘the helpful suggestions!’
      Now I’d love to know what a ‘grown-up’ swimsuit is like as compared to the normal kind? Sound like I’ve been missing something!

      1. Jean – you might regret asking that, I’m about to give you the full explanation! First of all there are the swimsuits on display at leisure centres, sports shops or health clubs – you know, Speedo, racer back – which are fine if you’re under 25 and/or have a slim, athletic figure (‘extra large’ seems to be around a size 12). Then there are the chain store versions of same – perhaps with a nod to sportiness but going into normal adult female sizes – as a curvy adult this is what I’ve always gone for but it’s never been flattering – let’s just say you get very little ‘help’ from them. So I finally decided to investigate the little lingerie shops. A friend of mine once persuaded me that well-made and properly-fitted underwear is well worth the higher price ticket. And so I think it may be with swimwear – I tried on about 6 different swimsuits and the one thing they had in common was a fantastic shape and feel of support, it was a revelation. They didn’t all suit me though (there’s only so much cleavage I feel comfortable with!) but I’m really pleased with the one I got in the end – it’s not ‘structured’ as such but the cut and fit is definitely the most flattering I’ve ever found. It’s also definitely designed for swimming – I’m not one for lying on a beach.

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