Sounds that are DEEPLY Ingrained in Ireland

 Sounds of Ireland
Sounds of Ireland

People in Ireland  spend an inordinate amount of time talking about the weather. I sometimes wonder if that goes back to the days when farming was so dominant here.

But it’s the way the weather is talked about that really fascinates me.

I’ve been doing a survey on the move since the heatwave began a few weeks ago and I’m amazed at the extent to which God pervades passing exchanges, especially with  people aged over about 25.

This is just so typical:

Me Greeting Acquaintance/Stranger: Great Day!

Response: Wonderful, thank God!

I’m not a ‘God’ person but somehow I think I’d miss this turn of phrase if it suddenly stopped.

And while I’m on the subject of  things religious, I can’t seem to make up my mind how I’d feel if the ringing of the Angelus Bell at noon everyday on the National Airwaves was dropped. It certainly lets me know what time it is;  that I’m here in Ireland; and it’s been doing that since I was born!

I wonder if it’s the heat that’s making me write about such things?

P.S. I’m totally against the calls to stop the jingle of the ice-cream van as it goes around town in Summer. That would really be the end of an era!  (Yes, I know about noise pollution and obesity and kiddies demanding ice-cream …..)

Where do YOU stand on any/all of these BIG issues?





Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

17 thoughts on “Sounds that are DEEPLY Ingrained in Ireland”

  1. As you may of guessed I am not a happy woman at this point in time. I told you I was standing on your beach, the warm sun on my skin and a gentle breeze making it bearable! The silver glint of sunlight on the water id dancing like fairies at a party. The hot sand between my toes, I hear the lap lap of the sea the cries of the odd seabirds that might just be passing. I love these thoughts I have always been able to escape mentally when no physical option was a available.
    Like you I love the ice cream van chimes , they remind me of home, younger days, I may of been bullied at school but at least at home I was safe.
    I also have a huge memories invested in the tune Sailing By always played after the shipping forecast on the BBC Radio 4 just before it hands over to the World Service .
    Planes, Helicopters yes those dirty noisy things have been a constant in my life as for most of my life I have lived on a flight path.
    Traffic too another constant I am always aware of it’s absence when away or on holiday.. Birds and pigeons….Bells, wedding, angelus, benediction, mass, and school I remember them too but with happy memories.
    Okay I have gone on enough I shall leave you with my love hate tune Sailing By. xxxxxx

    1. Ohhhhhhhh Willow, that tune is so evocative and one that means a lot to me too, though I doubt as much as to you.
      I hope that you’re feeling better as the day has worn on and the sea therapy has worked its magic.

  2. Great comment willowdot – love the old radio with the original stations that you could never hear when you turned the dial 🙂
    Jean, I love the universal ‘Now…’ from the barman as he hands you your pint. No waste of words. And the ‘Howya’ from complete strangers in a Dublin pub.
    I hear a few Muslims are offended by the Angelus and are putting the pressure on RTE 🙂

    1. Roy, I’ll have to try ordering a pint in a Dublin pub and see do I get the ‘Now’ response. Have to say, I can’t bear: ‘There you go’ which seems to be so dominant in shops and places. It sounds like being told to ‘buzz off fast’ or words to that effect.
      Yeah, there’s a real debate going on about the Angelus on RTE but it certainly isn’t just Muslims who are objecting.

  3. Well, in the UK there are a lot of people who exclaim “Oh, my God!” (or the abbreviation OMG) when they don’t believe in him and often when they’re getting over-excited or behaving outrageously. The one year I watched X-Factor on tv, it seemed to be one of the most overused phrases and was usually accompanied by a great deal of shrieking and leaping around. Am I getting old?

    I love the sound of the Angelus Bell:-)

  4. What a wonderful title for a post. I was on the Irish Blog awards site for a nose and saw you there. I am a follower of your blog but have not received any of these posts I am enjoying reading here tonight, so I signed up for email also.
    Sorry I’ve not visited in an age but I just thought you were not posting. Majorly embarrassed now, but over the next few days will try to catch up on what I’ve been missing.
    Congratulations on your nomination and apologies again.

    1. Tric, thanks so much for writing and no need at all for embarrassment.
      Good luck to you also with the Blog Awards. Don’t they just go to show what a wealth of blogging is going on here in this little country of ours!

  5. Canadians actually talk a lot about the weather, as well. But that’s because we have so darned much of it! 😉 The ice cream truck jingle is something I always try to tune-out 😛 And I thank God for everything, since my personal belief is that there is nothing good that exists apart from Him 🙂 ❤ ❤

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