Blogger’s Block ~ 12 Quick Remedies

Slippery Slope

I keep coming across people who say that they have ‘hit the wall’  with blogging and find it next to impossible to motivate themselves to write any kind of a post.

Here are my thoughts on how to beat ‘bloggers block;’

  1. Bear in mind that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ post;
  2. Keep a note of possible post topics (ideally in the Drafts Folder with a Working Title) that hit you at the oddest times;
  3. Aim to post frequently ~ even short, short posts ~ as blogging is rather like fitness and the more you train the easier it is;
  4. Remember that what might seem absolutely mundane to you could be quite extraordinary and fascinating to your readers;
  5. Get out and about for inspiration rather than trying to draw it from the Internet;
  6. Write about things that YOU feel passionate about rather than setting out to ‘please’ your readers;
  7. Look at the Search Terms that have brought people to your Blog and identify a question that you would like to address/answer;
  8. Take a pile of photographs and write about an aspect of one of them that appeals to you;
  9. Write a post and ask your readers what they would like you to write about;
  10. Invite other bloggers to contribute to your blog;
  11. Write a post about blogs you really enjoy;
  12. If all else fails, write a post telling the world about your blogger’s block. You’d be amazed how much support, practical advice and inspiration you’d get!

I’d love to hear YOUR tips for dealing with ‘Blogger’s Block.’ 

Fresh Angles
Fresh Angles


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

7 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block ~ 12 Quick Remedies”

  1. These are all great ideas. Sometimes just writing about the weather is quite interesting to other bloggers in different locations.

  2. Good tips Jean. On ‘search terms’ though they mainly seem to be hidden or encrypted these days so they’re no guide. Speaking personally, anything to do with the art of writing tends to be most popular.

    1. Hi Roy, that’s interesting about your search terms. They haven’t changed mine too much at all so hopefully it’s not being done in alphabetical order!
      Now that you mention it, I suppose the art of writing is common to every single blogger in some way or another ~ even the artists and photographers have to write a few words!

  3. I think all your ideas are great, Jean! Since my blog is a poetry blog, there are times that I’ve had writer’s block. It’s actually been scary as I’ve thought I’ll never be able to write again. 🙂 So what I do is move onto something else. I give blogging a rest, well, I’ll read other blogs but I’ll focus on other things besides writing. It’s amazing how my muse arrives when I least expect it…like driving in the car, a thought will come to mind. So at the next stop, I’ll scribble it down on the tiny notebook I keep in my purse. Anyway, my point is, something will come to mind, but sometimes it takes us to rest our minds for it to happen. I also agree with you in simply blogging about having nothing to blog about. I think it would definitely open up the floor for discussion. 🙂

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