The High Point in my Blogging Career

I can say, without hesitation, that finding the link to this post by Earthabridge in among the comments to Social Bridge has been the highlight of my blogging career to date.
The very idea that a woman at the other side of the world had ‘read’ me so well both here and on Facebook ( that’s where I share my love of Van Gogh!) and had gone to the trouble to write about me, was amazing.
In so many ways, I suppose this is what I had hoped for when I started Social Bridge. Is there anyone among us who doesn’t wish to meet ‘kindred spirits?’
Anyway, I’ve copied the blog post from Earthabridge, because it lives on Blogger, but please drop over and read it (and lots more) there, if you wish to get the authentic feel!
Thanks so, so much Joan!

Kindred Spirits

Sometime, call it luck, call it preparation, call it synchronicity, the universe sends you a little present. You know, a surprise gift which overwhelms you? Such is my reaction to the discovery of the blog Social Bridge (WordPress)  by Jean Tubridy from Tramore near Waterford, Ireland.
Like me, this Jean loves poetry and gardens and Van Gogh and art in general. She loves the ocean while I, a prairie girl living in the mountains, am a triple earth lover, with an exaggerated fear of water. That may have something to do with being a fire sign. Although the beaches she writes about seem to be near some of the genealogy research I’ve been doing, around Kinsale. And on the bus tour I took last summer which included Belfast, Dublin, Kilkenny, Waterford, I took a picture of the Norman tower in that last city (where our stop seemed mainly focused on a souvenir shop). Jean’s passion for Yeats I also share, although the poet of my dreams is Leonard Cohen who I first heard sing at a concert at university my first year.
Jean writes about losing aged parents. I moved from the prairie province of Manitoba to BC when my mother was ill. Within four years, she was dead. One of my first finds in my new home was this framed copy of someone’s calligraphy exercise, of “Crossing the Bar,” Tennyson’s famous poem about grief, which Jean’s mother asked to be read at her funeral. This piece of art, black ink, teal blue and gold paint, still hangs on the wall in front of my computer.
Crossing the Bar
I’m not sure exactly how I stumbled upon her blog. I do check out “bridge” references. This blog is called Earthabridge. And I have been doing weeks and weeks of Ireland research for my latest fiction project. The three saints, especially Bridget (which must be part of Tubridy.) Searching for Art. Genealogy. History. Sacred stones. Sacred wells. Sacred sites. Yeats and Heaney. Geology as it relates to eskers and bogs. The name Tubridy even came up again in a research paper on a specific esker which appears in my story.
I don’t know this woman but I wish I did. And in many ways, I feel as if I’ve known her all my life. Finding her blog, like I said, feels like a gift from the universe, a link to the other side of the world. As if a crack has opened up and let light into my life.
J.M. (Joan Margaret) Bridgeman

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

15 thoughts on “The High Point in my Blogging Career”

  1. It is delightful to experience readership from far away, and especially when they seem to understand. I suppose the want to be understood is strong motivation for some of us to write in the first place. I’m expecting some of my own writings to be understood by someone any day now so I can become chuffed as well. Rhyming conditions perhaps more common.

    1. Van, I agree with you about the ‘wanting to be understood.’
      You may or may not be surprised to hear that I’ve been thinking endlessly about a piece you posted on the poetry thread about ‘attics’ and how we live in our heads so should have them partly furnished with books ….. Did you write a similar piece on your blog. It was in relation to advice to your sons and brilliant advice, at that!

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