Irish Country Roads

Recently, I’ve become very conscious of how easy it is to take the beauty of  country roads for granted when they are part of everyday life.

There was a time when I lived slap bang in the middle of Dublin and, while I loved the hustle and bustle of city life, I needed to get fairly regular ‘fixes’ of  the country and would take buses off to places like Co.Wicklow  just to see green fields and country roads.

So for those of you who are craving a bit of countryside, here’s a few  photos of Irish country roads to set you free! (I can see myself adding to this little collection now that I’ve started!)

I’d love to hear about the country roads that have captured your imagination wherever you are in the world.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

15 thoughts on “Irish Country Roads”

  1. I fear they are less lovely than in past times Jean. Motoring around Ireland used to be a pleasure, as long as time wasn’t of the essence. Then, with EU funding, came the fast arterial routes to/from Dublin, town bypasses, ‘improvements’ in rural areas. Of course there was an explosion in car ownership as well.
    Of course, and off the beaten track, there are still many beautiful, endless roads and lanes. You can travel them and not see a soul for miles. That, for me, is the true Ireland.
    But here in Jersey I am constantly amazed that, in a 9 x 5 island I can still find myself jogging along lanes and tracks that I can’t remember having been along previously in 37 years.

    1. Hi Roy, I completely agree with you about the ‘fast arterial routes’ and I have huge reservations about their overall impact on towns and villages that they bypass.
      Having said that, I think that Ireland is still bursting at the seams with gorgeous secondary, tertiary roads, lane ways, paths, tracks ….. The danger is that people whizz pass them on their way to the next city on the tourist map.

      Jersey never ceases to amaze me either. How can it have so many roads, lanes and paths in such a small area. I crave to go back and experience them. I wonder if they are looking for apple or grape pickers in La Mare Vineyard ~ that little piece of paradise!

      1. Yes, La Mare is still going strong – expanding its range of products all the time. Sadly however many of Jersey’s attractions have closed over the years, there no longer being the critical mass of tourists to support them.

        The old network of lanes remains though and us walkers/joggers are quite happy for them to be overlooked by the majority!

    1. Hello Chouhamelle, many thanks for writing. I’m delighted you like the photos and certainly intend to post more. You’ve given me an extra spur on so thanks for that!

  2. Love, love, love, country roads! Hey! You could do a series where you ask your readers to share their country roads with you….like you did with the bridges! I’d be more than willing to play…. 😀

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous, Jean, and a friend of mine is currently in Ireland. We also have many beautiful country roads around here in west Marin. They take you not only to your destination but also to a more peaceful state of mind…:)

    1. Hi Lauren, glad you like the pics and even more pleased that you have a friend currently in Ireland.
      Yes, I was fortunate to see some of the country roads in West Marin and I agree wholeheartedly about the ‘peaceful state of mind’ that you mention!

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