Co. Waterford ABC ~ I is for Inspiration

Co. Waterford ABC is a feature here on Social Bridge where I am identifying mhighlights of  this diverse county in Ireland where I was born and which has been ‘home’ for the last 26 years. There will be just 26 posts ~ one for each letter of the alphabet and I hope you will join me in discussing your views about the places, people,  events, things that I select. Would you have chosen differently? In a county with such natural beauty and diversity in terms of history and heritage, one could quite easily identify 26+  highlights for each letter! 

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Map of Co. Waterford (Click to Zoom)
Map of Co. Waterford
(Click to Zoom)

Co. Waterford is a source of incredible Inspiration for writers of different genres and has produced many notable writers over its long history.

I hope you enjoy this Podcast which I produced to celebrate the inspirational beauty and heritage of Co. Waterford as well as the many writers and festivals which are associated with the county.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

16 thoughts on “Co. Waterford ABC ~ I is for Inspiration”

  1. Jean, lovely! Never been to Waterford on any of my trips “home,” but will make a point to get there next time. Thank you so much for putting this podcast together. Love the photos and Clannad’s music and loved hearing your voice.

  2. I tried loading this a few times but it took so long (I have a fast computer) and after waiting for quite a while, stopped it a few times. I will try again later – due to go out. But the idea of promoting areas of your beautiful country is wonderful. I have been to Co Waterford, even written a poem in Dungarvon which I will post a portion of on my blog. So you’ve inspired me again!

    1. Frances, thanks for writing. I hope that you manage to get the Podcast to upload successfully. I’m a great fan of Google Chrome for these sorts of things!
      Delighted to have been a source of inspiration ~ isn’t that what it’s all about?

  3. That was a magical post which really pulled at my roots! You can be proud of you work and you are truly blessed not only by where you live but also by the fact that you have the talent to share it so eloquently! thank you !! xxx

  4. This is lovely Jean. Its so good to hear your voice with the background of birds, water flowing … and then to see all the beauty of this land you call home! Its truly an inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing your love for it all. Val x

  5. Beautifully put together Jean – some great images. And it was nice to end up full circle at the bridge. I was glad you credited Clannad as that was going to be my main question!

    Every county has its inspirations, some more than most. But it takes someone who truly appreciates those inspirations to produce a work like this. Very well done.

  6. Thanks for bringing my home land back. Loved watching the video it brings back so many memories of growing up there and the people who shaped my life. I love being home now with my family and showing them the places I once enjoyed. We just don’t get there often enough

    1. Hello Mike, I’m thrilled to hear from you and delighted that the video brought Waterford to you in a positive way. I reckon it’s a very evocative county too but then, like you I’m pretty biased as it’s my native heath as well. What a pity you don’t get home more often. Please know that there’s always lots of Co. Waterford here if you feel the need to touch base!

  7. Oh! Jean, how beautiful – I was in tears.My parents were born in Kilkenny which I loved to visit.I only ever saw Waterford city and as a child it was too grey for my childish mind. I have lived in deepest Cornwall, a village called Pendeen which was a tin mining area and still has the mine but now it is a heritage centre. I have always wanted to live in Ireland and now at the old age of 76 I have decided to relocate to Cappoquin which seems to be a very beautiful part. I am going over soon as I have seen some properties which I like very much. Your beautiful film and words has only confirmed that it is the right decision, no where in the world is there a place where the heart and romance inherited from the wonderful Irish inhabitants of the centuries past can still be felt and like a beautiful poem or painting touches ones very soul. Thanks for your beautiful video and music. love Alice

    1. Hello Alice, many, many thanks for your lovely comment. I’m so glad you liked the post and that you are soon to be among us in lovely Co. Waterford. As it happens, I was in Cappoquin only a few days ago and it was looking as gorgeous as ever. Please in keep touch. Best wishes with the move and will be thinking of you!

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