Come to my Garden of Eden …..

Summertime started here in Ireland yesterday. It seemed like the world was still sleeping as I wandered around stunning Mount Congreve Garden, here in Co. Waterford, very early on what was a calm and balmy morning.

Here’s a hint of how the Garden looked as it moves into April:






Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

23 thoughts on “Come to my Garden of Eden …..”

    1. Hi Val, I’m glad that the post lent some colour to your day. We’re well ahead in Ireland this year in spite of the terrible storms (by our standards) back in January.

      1. You’re welcome to all of ours! Vernal Equinox notwithstanding, I think we’re getting a bit tired of awaiting for spring to arrive in these parts.

        Actually, if circumstances permit, I intend to make a visit to Ireland to do some research for the sequel to my current book. If or when this happens, I’ll certainly have to try to arrange visits with blogging friends.

        Speaking of which (books), have you seen my last post? Quite encouraging–a visit to Ireland might not be out of the question:

  1. Jean, I’m having trouble reconciling that summer began March 30th in Ireland when the rest of the northern hemisphere will have to wait until about the third week of June. However, upon the weight of your credentials of a higher education, I’ve begun gathering my ingredients to brew a summer ale, but no chance of it prior to at least the middle of next week.

    Can’t begin a minute sooner, as I’m currently severely overstocked with the spring variety, and still have a case and a half of a winter brew. I’ve taken your notification seriously, so I’m down to having the neighbors come by to help me get caught up with the drinking, so sometimes there is not a sober adult within three or four blocks of here.

    Naughtiness is rampant, and some have protested the skimpy attire at these parties what with the evening temperatures still chilly as if it were not yet summer, but I’ve insisted this comes under the authority of a PhD. With that, several of the less puritan hit the swimming pool dressed no more formally than they were the day they were born. The only real problem has been when they go home and leave their knickers hanging on the shrubbery. With the slightest breeze, they tend to move about in the wind, and this frightens our dogs.

    Also, I’ve called my cousin who has allergies, and suggested she begin sneezing now rather than waiting for the pollen to be full blown. As is customary, I thankest thou for this heads up, and if others need thanking, I offer additional gratitude to ye all (pronounced “y’all” here in the southeastern USA). By the way, nice flowers you’ve posted here.

    1. Van, Van, Van, you have me chuckling away merrily here!
      As for ‘Summertime,’ the Irish lass in me uses the term to refer to the extra hour of light when the clock springs forward!

      1. Chuckling! I’m outright laughing! Please, please, Van… always respond as such! It makes my day where I fear our Spring has not sprung here in Montreal and, though the sun is shining gorgeously today and there are puddles in the streets and sidewalks… there are still mountains of Winter hanging around!

  2. Lovely photos, Jean. Can’t believe Ireland’s gardens are blooming already. A few brave crocuses poked their heads up here in Brooklyn this week, only to be greeted by still unseasonably cold weather and blustery winds. Summer seems a far off dream this year…..I can honestly say this has been one of the longest, coldest winters I’ve experienced in NYC. Below average temps starting in November and still with us. But remind me of this when I’m complaining about the heat and humidity in August! Best, Joanne

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