I am NOT a Robot and I have Emotions

I’m all for making connections easy and I write this rant after trying to comment on two posts in Blogger, rather than the WordPress side of blogland.

I had really enjoyed the posts and wanted to comment but the gatekeeper seemed to be in terrible form and presented me with impossible stuff to prove that I’m not a robot. You know the gobbledy-gook with two words in script that’s like an accordian player has squeezed and squeezed.

In one case, it took me 4 tries to finally get through the security gates and I was at the point of punching the screen so hard that the computer would would have shot out the window and got carried off in the wild winds and over the seas  like a sprinting robot.  I think that even Blogger could sense my rising maniacal fury.

Am I alone in having this ‘issue’ ~ that’s a gentle term for it!

Surely, there must be an easier way! Please tell me quickly if there is.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

22 thoughts on “I am NOT a Robot and I have Emotions”

  1. Yes!(I mean no there is no easier way and yes I totally agree…)I only left a comment on a Blogger blog 20 minutes ago. That one allowed me to use my WordPress ID but then refused to acknowledge that was my ID until I had retried with the same info a couple of times and then the unintelligible word. Argh. Some pain in the botty. I rarely leave comments on Blogger blogs because of it.

    1. WOW, so glad to hear I’m not ‘alone and palely loitering’ on this one.
      Love the word ‘botty!’ Haven’t heard it for some years now. Reminds me of words like’jar’ (for hot water bottle) and ‘lav’ for the ‘loo.’

      1. I agree with Anarette – you are very patient! The only reason I can leave a comment on occasion is because I have an old blog I’ve put aside (and can’t take down!!!) and occasionally I remember my password!!

  2. Pleased to have confirmation–have suspected you were real for some time, now. Yes, I too have issues with filters that think I may be a bit of dirt. Being asked to type fLAwtypHergnt and GeldasUt7 early in the day gets me off on a bad footing. I spend a lot of time with words, especially new ones. So, before I’ve realized it on many occasion, I’ve tried to incorporate these new words into my vocabulary, even in mixed company. The results are, that I’ve been asked to leave the pub, thinking I’ve had enough; the Vicar will no longer allow me to pray, and at least three ladies I thought quite stuffy straight and narrow have winked at me. A friend of mine who speaks fluent Russian with a German accent said he was amazed to hear it spoken backwards.

    Oh, by the way, if it is required to comment on blogs, I consider it a sign that the person who insists on such a silly fLutaphoOte4 practice is far too important to have to fool with the likes of me in the first place. Ha! So there! A x 2(B+C) /3Q54 = cos 11,220 x theta – the square root of pi. Solve for E. Yes, of course. Right away (he said, with expletives).

  3. Yep, same here. A real pain. But if I’m commenting on Blogger blogs it works better when I choose ‘open id’ or ‘http address’ after commenting rather than using WordPress id. Seems to work better when I choose ‘preview comment’ too.

  4. Hahah! I must be a robot because I can’t seem to get past those things either. Sometimes they’re impossible to even see. It’s pretty bad when you spend a lot of time coming up with a comment in the first place, then it repeatedly disappears. It’s gotten to the point where I mostly just visit wordpress people. There’s a conspiracy in there somewhere. 🙂

  5. Another in the “not alone” camp. If communicating becomes fraught with difficulty, the opportunity is squandered, I’ll go elsewhere. I may try again, but shut me down too often and I’ll find more receptive ears. This works on many levels. 🙂

    1. Hi Rich, thanks for writing. Yes, you’re so right that this is a much broader issue with regard to communication generally. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that it can become so frustrating to be doing battle with the gobbledy-gook robot stuff!

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