Celebration of 300 ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 300

Festival of Colour, Creativity and Connection
Festival of Colour, Creativity and Connection

This marks the 300th post in the Gatherings from Ireland series and I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all those who have been so supportive and interactive on what is proving to be a fascinating journey that began last December.

I would like to mark the occasion by bringing you two photographs from Co. Waterford which were submitted by Catherine Drea to my November Festival of Colour, Creativity and Connection. 

I had long been an admirer of Catherine’s wonderfully evocative work on http://www.foxglovelane.com/ and love how she makes the point there that: Creativity feeds the soul and helps to illuminate the way.’

I was stunned and delighted to find that Catherine had decided to send photographs of Annestown here in Co. Waterford which is a place I love and one which I associate with precious holidays with my late parents when I was in my twenties.

Annestown, Co. Waterford
Annestown, Co. Waterford

This is what Catherine wrote about the photographs:

Thought I would share pics of these colourful houses in Annestown. Maybe we forget how important our own human contribution is to colour in our environment? Isn’t it gorgeous how people paint their front doors and plant roses on their walls just to make this a more beautiful world?

Thatched Cottage, Annestown, Co. Waterford
Thatched Cottage, Annestown, Co. Waterford

I would be delighted to receive YOUR submissions to this  Festival of Colour, Creativity and C0nnection which is aimed at bringing warmth and light to November. I look forward to receiving your prose, poetry, photographs, artwork, songs ….. anything that spells Colour, Creativity and Connection to you. My email is jeantubridy@aol.com.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

10 thoughts on “Celebration of 300 ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 300”

  1. Congratulations Jean on what is a great achievement, posting every day is not a given with busy lives etc. I so admire you and your blog, it’s a great piece of ‘holidaying in Waterford’ for me as I still haven’t visited it (shame on me!)

  2. Hi BJ, I just love the colours in Catherine’s photos too and, of course, the village of Annestown which is just a few miles away is very special indeed overlooking a magnificent beach.

    1. Hi Carrie, thanks very much for writing. I have a ‘thing’ about doors as well and was so thrilled when Catherine sent me these great photos. You just have to check out her blog!

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