5 Ways to Cope with Winter Time ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 286

The fact that Ireland is moving into Winter time in a few hours doesn’t exactly fill me with glee but I’ve been preparing for this transition for a few weeks now and this evening I went for a swim at sunset to give thanks for what has been one of the most wonderful Irish Summer times of my adult life. 

Garrarus Beach, Co. Waterford
Garrarus Beach, Co. Waterford

For me, the whole key to coping with Winter time  is ensuring that life is filled with colour,  so here are my 5 main coping strategies:

1. Plant lots of Spring bulbs whose fresh green shoots will give an early signal that long, bright days are just around the corner.

2. Gather lots of sticks in the woods to light warm, golden fires to cosy up dark Winter evenings. 

3. Swim in the sea at sunrise or sunset right through the Winter and bask in the burnished gold of the sun-kissed ocean.

4. Be as creative as possible, with paints, beads, photographs, poetry, prose, food, drinks …..

5. Embrace Winter with a gleaming smile and look her straight in the eye because she needs and wants to be loved just as much as we do.

I’d love to hear how you feel when you hear ‘Change your timepieces back one hour at 2am tomorrow morning,’ and how you embrace Winter?


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

15 thoughts on “5 Ways to Cope with Winter Time ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 286”

  1. November is my least favourite month but I cope better when I attack it, much like you do, with vigour, in search of colour, and also in planning for a better year ahead. Solstice-and brighter days-is only a few weeks away, after all.

    1. Hi RH, interesting that you mention planning for a better year ahead as November approaches. I’m not a New Year Resolution person but find myself reviewing things once the dark evening come.

  2. We’re in Spring here in New Zealand, though the weather doesn’t back that up! Our clocks moved forward a couple of weekends ago, so we’re already enjoying longer evenings. I love your wonderful ideas for embracing winter here.

  3. November must be the saddest month of the year. The trees are bereft of leaves and the snow is not yet on the ground to light up the place. Indeed, nothing like a cozy fire, a mug of something comforting and pyjamas!

    We still have a week until we “fall back” in time so I guess we’ll just grab what we have and take this time to play with our indoors!

  4. It’s Sunday morning, and I set back all clocks and wristwatches before breakfast. Winter time? Yes! However, we live currently in Malta, and here winter is more noticeable by opening hours of government services and bus schedules. They go by their own winter and summer definition.

    Winter schedule starts here with October, and reminds you that the tourist season is over as well. Which in return makes it more peaceful and the streets are – finally – not so crowded anymore.
    Now we need to prepare for January and February, and we don’t look forward to those 2 dreadful months. January is usually the coldest and February will be the wettest months of the year.

    Maltese don’t have heating systems installed, period. They are used to mobile gas heaters and the propane gas of a large bottle lasts about a week or so. Since humidity is a big issue here in Malta, that means to run our mobile humidifier for about an hour in each room as well every day, rotating it from one room to another.

    The ‘Med’, as the Mediterranean is often called, is nice to stay for a while, but not a wise choice to be there for good. I wish we could be in Ireland already, even in winter time, collecting the fire wood, and feel the homely atmosphere it always radiates.

    Ireland, here we come. It’s just a matter of time, and when we can enjoy the Irish winter over the Maltese one. Yet, this is totally up to Him and His decision to let us move.

    1. Hi Hans, thanks so much for writing. You have changed my whole perspective on ‘The Med’ with this comment. I hope that you find a way to come to Ireland and winter here!

  5. Dunno, I’ve certainly enjoyed the summer and early autumn but I seem to take the winter months in my stride – maybe I ought to have been Fairport’s Plainsman. ‘Alone I came into this place and that is how I will go. And all I learn is the seasons’ turn, that’s all I need to know.’

  6. Here, November is warmed by Thanksgiving preparations and the company of friends and family goes a long way toward coping with the shortened days and chilly weather. Yet for some, whose family is far away or gone, it can be pretty melancholy. I cope with every dreary day by being out in it! Walking by the Bay in all kinds of weather, as long as I can, helps me to chase away the blues. And #4 is, of course my favorite thing to do anytime of year! I love your list and I think Van’s idea is a good one to add, too!

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