Eclectic WORDS ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 261

Co-Founder of WORDS, Roisin Hackett, performing at the Art Hand
Co-Founder of WORDS, Roisin Hackett, performing at the Art Hand

The October, and fourth, meeting of WORDS Writers’ Group took place last night and my mind was full of Autumn, John Keats and, for all sorts of reasons, T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,  as I drove towards the dynamic Art Hand of Sean and Miranda Corcoran on the Copper Coast here in Co. Waterford.

This was the first evening since the Group started in early July that it was dark on the outward journey but I still got out of the car to look  at the waves crashing against the cliffs on a road that is so intensely evocative.

The cosy room at the Art Hand was buzzing with the chatter of both familiar and unfamiliar faces. It’s fascinating how the Group is developing a core of regulars and also newcomers who may well become regulars. As ever, there was a comfortable mingling and, for me, a huge highlight was finally getting to meet a local blogger with whom I have been conversing online for about two years now!

The words of last evening brought us back to the wonder of children’s story books with those big colourful pages; off on an adventure to an island in the Pacific; into the world of traditional music played in front of open fires; swimming on a deserted beach along the Copper Coast;  down the historic cells at Duncannon Fort;  into the intricacies of making a silent film …..

It was a night on which the death of  never-to-be-forgotten old dogs wove its own little thread, along with the significance of hugs.  The hugs extended into the past as loved ones were honoured through words about them and the reading of words by them.

Plenty of laughs too, the character of the fig, spiders spidering, and an unexpectedly risque poem of a late grandfather and former policeman about ‘Women’s Fashions’, read by his grand daughter.  I will never see stockings, tights or the merging of the Barrow and the Nore in the same way again after last night!

Oddly,  it didn’t seem dark at all on the way home!

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

10 thoughts on “Eclectic WORDS ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 261”

  1. Interesting the way threads naturally emerge! I too was delighted to meet not one, but two people I had been regularly conversing with. Must bring something to read next time. You get something more out of it when you do.

    1. Hi Derv, yeah I think you’re probably right that reading something adds more to the occasion ~ a bit like having a bet on a horse in a race you’re watching!
      It’s great that you met two people from your virtual network.

      1. Not only that, but I didn’t get that moment where I realise that in fact, I don’t know them and we move awkwardly away. The friendly chat travelled seamlessly into real life.

        1. I sometimes think that we can get to know people better in the virtual world than in real life, especially if they are creative types who invest a lot of themselves in their postings.

  2. That’s so nice – I love the thought of hugs extending into the past. I’m glad you had a fun time. It must be strange to meet some of us virtual people in real life.

    1. Sheila, thanks for writing. Yes, hugs into the past were something I hadn’t really thought about before but they were very obvious last night.
      Have to say it was brilliant meeting ‘virtual’ friends in person.

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