Embracing Autumn ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 243

I made a very conscious decision yesterday to step out and welcome Autumn.  I had been trying to convince myself that I was only imagining that the leaves weren’t quite as green as they had been and that the darker evenings were because there was a bit of a sea mist.

Mount Congreve Garden here in Co. Waterford seemed the obvious place to go and on the drive there I was thinking about Autumn of Life and how easy it is to go into denial about that too, rather than see the magic which it can weave and that we can weave within it.

So, here’s a glimpse of that promise:

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

9 thoughts on “Embracing Autumn ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 243”

  1. There have been many autumns. How many more? Probably quite a few. Some are born in March and others in September. For most of us, our life is not defined by the season of our birth or our death. It’s not just one cycle, but a continuum of cycles. We didn’t choose the beginning, and other than the fateful sad, we don’t choose the end point, either. The other day, still in the official summer, a friend of mine gave birth to a lovely little girl. In New Zealand and South Africa, other friends prepare for the springtime.

    Perhaps some are all too aware, and even hyper-focussed on the metaphor of moving toward some final winter. Maybe many are in denial, and want to be. Contemplation of death would be a dreary constant companion. Somehow I suspect even more are in denial of life itself, in that what they don’t do is to embrace it.

    To just be right in the middle without obsessing too much about the beginning or the end might be what we should do. Some live in the past floundering around in a mud hole of regrets; some worry all too much about a tomorrow that may never materialize–all memories and presuppositions. Not real. Now is real. Finding the energy, the excitement, the laughter, tears, and even peacefulness that is in the right now, is exactly how we can “…see the magic which it can weave and that we can weave within it.”

  2. Nice that Mount Congreve is open again Jean. I’m not a nature lover but even I can appreciate the work that’s put in all year round by our parks people here in Jersey. I walk through Howard Davis Park every morning and, at 8.30, the staff are already beavering away with a multitude of tasks – to very good effect.

  3. Oh, a reminder to me to scoot off to the Botanical Gardens in Dublin. I am not a huge fan of this time of year-though I love the colour-so I counter it all by getting out there and enjoying what each day brings.

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