‘The 15th’ in Tramore ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 223

August 15th, when you live in Tramore, means just one thing ~ the big Summer Horse Racing Festival.  It’s known as The 15th and is the day when the 200-year- old tradition of horse racing in the town, with the huge influx of visitors from all over the south-east and beyond, brings all the talk to runners and riders, the going, hot tips, style and, of course, apres racing. 

I’d say I was out earlier than most racehorses this morning, just soaking up the anticipation down around the town. Shop windows are magnificently dressed for the ‘big day’:

Dooly's (formerly Cunningham's) Fish and Chip Shop on Main Street.
Dooly’s (formerly Cunningham’s) Fish and Chip Shop on Main Street, Tramore.
Redlane Boutique, The Cross, Tramore
Redlane Boutique, The Cross, Tramore
Satina Boutique, Queen Street, Tramore.
Satina Boutique, Queen Street, Tramore.

And how could I not head round by the Race Course which will be thronged this evening with the commentary rising above even the sound of the sea. Winner Alright, Winner Alright!

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

4 thoughts on “‘The 15th’ in Tramore ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 223”

  1. hey Jean greetings from Greece .Travelling overland I was warned to be out of Italy before 15th but didn’t realise it is even bigger in Greece; Pangania is the Festival of Our Lady and is bigger than Christmas. Mad dash to the bus station this morning to make sure the bus was running for my final destination on the Pelion Peninsula and I could get a ticket. Fascinating the significance of 15th across so many countries 🙂

    1. Anne, delighted to hear from you and I’ve been keeping track of your travels on FB. Sounds like a real adventure.
      Yes, I’ve been doing some research about the 15th of August and it seems to have be a major date, for all sorts of reasons, in a host of different places around the world. At least, you’re well used to it being hectic from your Tramore background!!!

  2. Sounds fun, those Irish racing festivals are renown. I was in Tralee for the races one time and the bars seemed to never close. And as a boy the Ballabuide races in Dunmanway were the highlight of their year – they still are I think.

    1. Roy, I love the sound of the Ballabuide Races in Dunmnway. Will have to check them out. They remind me a little of the races on the beach in Laytown/Bettystown when I was growing up. The dates had/have to suit tide times. Brilliant atmosphere and so much sea air. (Actually went to the races in Jersey and loved them as well ~ had about 4 winners so that helped considerably.)

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