Poetry in Motion ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 204

Rose 'Poetry in Motion'
Rose ‘Poetry in Motion’

The concept of ‘Poetry in Motion’ is one that resonates hugely with me and I even went as far as buying a rose back in February that had that name. It is now in full bloom and I’ve been thinking more and more about who and what symbolizes ‘poetry in motion’ most for me. It has been an interesting ‘internal’ debate because it has made me realise that what I seem to admire most is the natural ~ be it nature itself, natural talent or nature as it manifests itself between people. So, here’s my top ten (out of hundreds) in no particular order:

#1. Tennis player Roger Federer in full flow.

#2. Former Waterford County Hurler, John Mullane whose natural talent and passion was a thrill to behold.

# 3. Irish athlete, Sonia O’Sullivan, as she sprinted to victory on the world stage.

#4. The dimpled smile of Irish poet, Brendan Kennelly when he introduced his poetry at a reading I attended in Trinity College, Dublin when I was a Junior Freshman.

#5. The sheer talent and handsomeness of  golfer, Seve Ballesteros, who I was fortunate to see playing at the Irish Open in Mount Juliet, Co. Kilkenny.

#6. Irish boxer, Katie Taylor, as she danced to Olympic Gold.

#7. The sea kissing the shore here in my beloved Co. Waterford.

# 8. The brilliance of Michael Flatley and Jean Butler as they performed in Riverdance.

#9. The great Liam Clancy with his natural talent as singer, story-teller and musician.

# 10. A deep, enriching hug with someone who truly cares.

I’d dearly love to know what your list would be?

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

8 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 204”

    1. Hi FH, I can quite understand you needing time to dwell on this question. It has been playing on my mind since February! Look forward to hearing your thoughts in due course.

  1. Now THERE’S a post ! I read the title and immediately thought of the pop song that was on everyone’s lips as I languished in a Dundalk Boarding School in 1961 And I thought what a fabulously fortunate generation we were to have had real poetry made into pop songs – by the likes of Dillon, the Beatles etc, and which in turn put us in motion on the dancefloors of ballrooms of romance the length and breath of the land!
    But to follow your examples , Poetry in Motion to me:
    1.The ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.
    2.A beautiful Irish Setter trotting along and stopping on three legs when she spies a bird.
    3.Swallows in flight,especially in September when, getting ready for the exodus to South Africa they swoop so low as if to say ‘Good Bye’.
    4.Waves rolling into the shore
    5.Clouds sailing across a deep blue sky
    6.A physically disabled child who has been helped to walk steadily by a Dog for the Disabled
    7.A full moon rising slowly above the horizon
    8. Often,… blog posts from a Social Bridge

    1. Hey Angela, Leonard Cohen was verrrrrry high up on my list so we seem to be on the same track ~ no pun intended, of course!
      I love your list, especially #2, #3 and particularly #6.

  2. what a good way to see the perspective of different people,..

    for me
    the migration of antelope in the west
    Willie Nelson playing the guitar
    any kind of machinery handled with skill
    an eagle soaring
    watching a craftsman create
    a great teacher leading a class
    a well handled sailboat

    there are so many everyday things that if you watch are poetry in motion…

  3. Great question. I’m not sure if I’m answering this correctly as all of my things are ones which make me feel more connected to the world around me. The aroma of fresh coffee; watching ballet dancers perform; Penguin Cafe Orchestra; looking at art; reading poetry; tomatoes; watching my children; the sun; the wind; the sound of rain; the sound of the sea.

  4. David, there’s certainly no correct or incorrect answers to this one! I can identify with all yours totally except the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. I’ll have to check them out somewhere?

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