Dromana Gate, West Waterford~ Gatherings from Ireland # 120

Ireland is punctuated by the unexpected and Dromana Gate, near Villierstown in West Waterford, is one of those gems that retains the ability to shock the Irish senses , no matter how often you see it.

Dromana Gate, Co. Waterford
Dromana Gate, Co. Waterford

It is a Hindu-Gothic Gate Lodge which dates back to around 1830 and is the only one of its kind in the country. It was originally built of wood or papier mache to greet the owner of Dromana Estate, Henry Villiers-Stuart and his wife Theresia Pauline Ott of Vienna, on returning from their honeymoon in 1826. The couple were so enchanted by it that they had it reconstructed in more durable materials.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

13 thoughts on “Dromana Gate, West Waterford~ Gatherings from Ireland # 120”

  1. Just reading Rosamund Burton’s Castles, Follies & Four-Leaf Clover about St Declans Way. A font of information about all sorts of West Waterford curiousities. Sure this oe is mentioned!

  2. Our first house was papier mache, too. But the big bad wolf blew it down leaving it sensible to visit cousins who knew something about brick.

    1. The bridge is perfect – I never knew about it – and what a brilliant surprise for the young couple when they returned from honeymoon. It would be interesting to know who built/designed the lodge and what their background was. I hope to visit it and see it for myself! thank you –

  3. Woo, new to me Jean. You’re right, there’s a surprise around every corner in Ireland. Sad to read of the vandalism in your link – too much of Ireland’s heritage has been laid to ruin.

  4. Roy, thanks for writing. Well, here’s hoping that every weeny bit of publicity for these amazing places will be a motivator for greater care of our wonderful heritage here in Ireland. Jersey is certainly a shining example of making the very most of heritage, or at least was, when I used to visit there up to 7/8 years ago.

  5. Ashamed to say that Waterford is a total mystery to me – I have passed through the county on my way elsewhere a number of times. Last year I was in Lismore and Ardmore – my maiden voyage TO Waterford when I stood on Déise soil. I must visit again to search out your lovely places

  6. SV, Co. Waterford is definitely well worth taking the time to get to know. To me, it is a microcosm of Ireland in lots of ways because we have pretty much everything tucked into the county ~ sea, mountains, antiquity, sport, heritage, stunning gardens like Mount Congreve and Curraghmore, Waterford City which is an explorer’s paradise, great food, friendliness but openness. Now what more would you be wanting!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing this photo. I recently found out that my G G G Grandfather Redmond O’Neill was a Gardener in Villerstown around the time that the Dromana Gate was constructed. I’ve been slowly doing some research. If anyone is interested in reading more here is a link to a book I’ve been reading called “Dromana. The Memoirs of an Irish Family.” So far so good.

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