The Bridge to Betty Generic ~ Gatherings from Ireland #111

Yeah, that’s the question I asked myself too: Who the hell is Betty Generic? 

I had been following the blog of  Betty Generic for some time because I loved the way she wrote a haiku a day based on the view out her bedroom window. Even though Betty Generic’s views were mainly of snow covered branches,  there seemed to be quite a similarity between the tree shapes in her garden and mine. Day after day, she produced these beautiful haiku  and then the twist came. She suddenly asked the world for help in writing her ‘bio.’  All she had up to that point was: Oh you know me, and in a way I felt I did~ at least I knew the view from her bedroom window, wherever that was.

Betty Generic
Photo by Betty Generic (March 2013)

Boldness and curiosity got the better of me and in my sociologist’s cloak and I wrote saying that I’d love to know more. See, I don’t believe that anyone is ‘just Betty Generic.‘  Everyone has a story to tell, a uniqueness …..

Betty Generic turned out to be a 40-something-year-old originally from Texas whose father had worked at NASA and whose aunt was a published poet and one of the founders of a publishing house. Now what’s generic about that, I ask you?

Betty’s lifelong ambition has been to be a writer and publisher and, in spite of all her humility, she has made significant inroads into both.  She has now both published other authors, through Apples and Pears Press,  and published her own poetry.

Her latest book is on the theme of  ‘accommodations’ and she described what this meant for her in the following way:

It comes from being a single parent and going to job interview after interview and having them abruptly end after asking me if I had kids, which is an illegal question in America, but they still ask and you have to answer.  It comes from situations that must be accommodated for (disabilities, or family obligations). 

I have burning suspicion that Betty Generic will soon be taking the world by storm but never leaving her social conscience behind.  After ‘meeting’ Betty,  I am even more convinced that those whose faces we may only glimpse through a window pane have a wealth of experience and passion as well as dreams, talents and stories that need to be heard.
I hope you enjoy Betty’s blog and her latest poetry book as much as I do!

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

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