What makes your Heart Dance?

You should do something that will make your heart dance once a day. If you can’t do that because you’re too depressed, then do something that will make somebody else’s heart dance.’ Yoko Ono

I came across this quote from Yoko Ono as I was perusing a book called A Word from the Wise  compiled by Rosemarie Jarski (2006).  So what makes hearts dance?  Here’s the first thoughts that came to me:

1. Running into the waves at Garrarus Beach here in Co. Waterford at sunset ~ whatever the time of year.

2. Smelling hyacinths in bloom

3. Being greeted by our three dogs first thing in the morning ~ a wild flurry of black and white spaniel affection

4. Glimpsing the new moon and making that magic wish

5. Bopping to Freedom Come, Freedom Go sung by the Fortunes

6. Being part of the crowd cheering like crazy as Waterford hurlers go for goal in the All Ireland Championship …..

So what does it take to make your heart dance?

Gate at Mount Congreve Garden, Co. Waterford

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

14 thoughts on “What makes your Heart Dance?”

  1. Laughter that overflows from the very bottom of my soul ………..
    Watching a child discover new joys in life………..
    Walking along the edge of the ocean, gently waters lapping through my toes……

  2. Thanks Jean. This is what my heart dance recently:

    -The train journey from built-up Manchester to the wide open spaces of Buxton and the Peak District.

    – Spending time with my little nephew and niece . I even crawled through the narrow concrete tunnel up to the adventure playground. (That really made my heart dance … possibly not in the way

    – The piglets at Chatsworth with their arms over each other. Do I really eat bacon?

    – All the conversations I had with my little niece and nephew. I know more about Star Wars now than I ever did

    – Being in Bakewell & remembering other times there … other people.

    – checking out the black and white photos on Dan James’s flickr site:

    best wishes, I enjoy your insights, Angie

  3. Waking to the sound of birds chirping – especially this week in the aftrmath of Hurricane Sandy.
    Little children in their Halloween costumes. Met numerous princesses, firemen, ballerinas, pumpkins — ages 1 to 5 — here last Wednesday.
    Beautiful colors of fall foliage.

  4. The smell of the earth when the monsoons arrive, watching a withered plant coming back to life, biting into the first mango every summer, the overpowering smell of jasmine at Indian weddings and the best of all – beholding a rainbow.

    1. David, you make me smile! I can just imagine you twirling them round like my Dad used to ’til I got dizzy from spinning and laughing. Now that’s what I call heart-dancing moments!

  5. My heart dancing moments recently involved the generosity of neighbors and friends:

    – offers of warm homes and hot showers from neighbors who still had power.
    – having my crawl space pumped out by my next door neighbor, Laura, after returning from getting food.
    – having my hot water heater fixed by Laura’s brother, a plumber, so I had hot water for showers and dishes.
    – Utility workers agreeing to leave my gas on since my wires and gas meter were not flooded. I was able to cook for the neighbors!
    – Laura sharing her generator with me.
    -being able to log onto my iPad and enjoying the messages and poems of support and friendship from my special poetry friends around the world!
    – Sharing laughter in the middle of sadness.
    Wonderful subject Jean!

    1. Nancy, thanks very much for writing in the midst of all the chaos caused by Hurricane Sandy. Isn’t it amazing how dancing moments can even emerge in such circumstances and in ways they can be heightened dancing moments ~ like the sharing of laughter in the middle of sadness.

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