Tramore Beach ~ Ebb and Flow

Tramore, Co. Waterford is probably the best-known seaside town in Ireland and the translation of its Irish name Tra Mhor is ‘big strand.’  I feel extremely privileged to reside in the town and to live just a few minutes away from the beach which has such natural appeal and beauty.

Tramore Bay towards the Metal Man

Yesterday evening,  a tweet from someone looking for solutions to writer’s block caught my eye and my response was: ‘  go to where there is water, ideally the sea, and let the ripples gently re-ignite your creativity. See it as cleansing!  The person tweeted back early this morning to saying:   love this idea, and will be running my bathroom taps asap! too wet outside to go out!!! thank you x.’

This little exchange was on my mind this morning as I headed down to the beach in Tramore. The sun was blazing, and the tide was out. It seemed to me that the three miles of golden sand were like nature’s page presenting infinite angles and ideas and touching every sense imaginable.

Expanse of Tramore Beach

I knew that the tide would be perfect for a swim at around tea-time and also that a whole new vista would present itself when I reached the Prom.  The comforting arms of the Bay, as I always think of them, Brownstown Head and the Metal Man,  seemed to be much closer than earlier; there were more people around ; and the  miles of sand were now covered with the full tide.

Enjoying the Surf

While I was thinking  of how the waves were  turning the page of the sands of morning,  the sky drew my eyes toward an intense rainbow over the Bay revealing a full range of colour which was almost too much to absorb.

Rainbow over Tramore Bay

Swimming in this bliss, I wondered if the bath had sorted out my Twitter friend’s writer’s block or if she should get on a plane or train and come to Tramore Beach tomorrow where I know that more and more wonders and inspirational beauty will unfold.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

14 thoughts on “Tramore Beach ~ Ebb and Flow”

  1. I’ve had a lifetime dream of living near the coast. The ocean and beaches are magnets to my soul. Thank you for sharing these photos. I can smell the salt water, and hear seabirds as I look at them.

  2. Lovely Jean 🙂 I am enjoying the pleasures of Tramore at the moment and I too have been writing about the sea and its transformative impact for me. Ciao for now

  3. The Waterford Coast: is there anywhere more beautiful? I have had one swim so far this year in Kilmurrin, a beautiful cove just between Annestown and Bonmahon, themselves inviting strands. Damn it come hail or shine I’m off this week and I’ll chance a dip.

  4. After the last seven years almost of living in New Mexico with very little water around, I am now in Gulfport, Mississippi near the water. Although it has been too rainy lately to spend much time there, just knowing it is only a few miles away makes me feel better. Lovely blog post, and great photos.

    1. Sandy, I really appreciate your comments and am delighted you’ve enjoyed reading this post. There have been periods of my life when I have lived inland and somehow the craving to get back to the sea, and especially to Tramore, always knawed away. It is such a relief to be settled by the sea now and I can totally identify with the point you make about the importance of knowing that water is not far away.

      1. Is it cheap to live there? I’m retiring this year, and looking for where I want to be. How’s the winter there?

  5. Sandy, Tramore is a wonderful place to live as it is both beside the sea and near historic and vibrant Waterford City. I couldn’t say it is cheap to live here but there are many riches to make up for that! As for our winters, Tramore is in the south-east of Ireland and we have the best of the Irish weather. Winters tend not to be harsh by US extremes and we see relatively little snow or very low temperatures here. Well worth researching and checking out as a place to live whether in retirement or otherwise.

  6. The Great South Bay, where I live, has always been a source of peace and inspiration for me. Whenever I think of moving to a place further inland all I need to do is ride my bicycle down to the shoreline and the thought dissipates! Your pictures and thoughts about Tramore remind me of why I choose to live near the shore!

    1. Nancy, thanks for writing. Isn’t it interesting that the sea, no matter where, can have such magnetism. I think some of it is to do with the fact that it has so many moods and changing faces while at the same time having a constancy that is so very reassuring.

  7. hello , love your post , I hope to be soon part of your lovely town , I love the views and the sea air , and love that waterford is so close .I have met so many lovely people in tramore and its a jewel in the Irish landscape , I will see that stunning coastal every day very soon from my bellvue , thanks for post , and great pics

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