Now and Then

Derelict Cottage on the Tramore-Waterford Road

Derelict Cottage on the Tramore-Waterford Road

Now and Then

Do you see me driving passed you
admiring your tired eyes?
How many stood at your doorway
greeting and saying goodbye?
One day when I stop will you
tell me your life story?
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A Bouquet of Irish Bloggers

Mount Congreve Garden, Co. Waterford

Mount Congreve Garden, Co. Waterford

There’s a great deal of camaraderie amongst us bloggers in Ireland and today is a big day in the Irish blogging calendar as the Finalists in the Irish Blog Awards for 2014 were announced.

I’m delighted that many of my very favourite blogs have made it to the finals and the competition is great in that it introduces one to newcomer blogs as well as those relating to subjects areas that are ‘new’ to one’s own scheme of things.

Are there national blogging awards in countries other than Ireland ~ and I direct this question to my non-Irish followers?

So heartiest congratulations to all those who made the Finals and all the best in the last shake-up.

We, the readers, are definitely winners at this stage. Here’s the link to the Irish Blog Awards 2014 Finalist List. You will definitely find something to appeal!



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Railing Against Time


Annestown Beach, Co. Waterford

 The wrought iron railings 
Stand guard over our inlet
I feel the warmth of your hands 
Radiating in their timelessness 
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I’m a Lucky Bitch

Woodstown, Co. Waterford

Woodstown, Co. Waterford

I’m in very grateful mood today just because ….. because I was able to be out and about in the sun enjoying the lovely scenery here in Co. Waterford.

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are stuck in absolute awfulness, be it war zones, depression, grief, physical agony, starvation, homelessness, loneliness …..

How I wish I could wave some kind of magic wand and grant them the peace that I found watching a boat swaying on tiny waves at Woodstown Beach.

I know that the peace of today could be shattered forever at any moment but, at least, I’ll have happy, peaceful times in my life-box.

How easy it is to take ‘happiness’ for granted ~ why it took that boat to rock me to a total realisation of it, is something I’ll never know.




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You’ll find me in the snowdrop’s nod
You’ll hear me in the crack of a golf ball
You’ll feel me in the heat of hug 
You’ll sigh me as the teapot pours
You’ll long for me in the doctor’s eyes
You’ll taste me in tears of joy
You’ll recognise me as a tick or a wink
You’ll hear me scream in a newborn’s cry
You’ll pray me, pray me in times of terror
You’ll answer me when true love kneels
But will you remember me when I plead?
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5 Key Things I’ve Learned about Blogging

Mount Congreve Garden, Co. Waterford

Mount Congreve Garden, Co. Waterford

I’ve been blogging for three and a half years now and have written 700+ posts so I suppose it’s time to sit back and have a think about what this whole experience has taught me. Here’s my top five observations:

# 1. My blog is like my home in the virtual world ~ a place that I’ve built with love and furnished to my very own taste. I realise that my taste won’t appeal to everyone but a blog just couldn’t work for me if I didn’t feel totally at ease with it.

# 2. Blogging becomes a social activity from the second one turns off the ‘Private’ button. This brings both limitations, such as having to be careful not to offend or libel, as well as huge opportunities. The opportunities are mind-boggling in terms of the extent to which what one writes can potentially be read right across the world within seconds of hitting ‘Publish.’

#3. Blogging can be addictive and habit-forming. The more one blogs, the more one gets from it and the more one gets entangled in the whole world of blogging. Taking a break can cause ‘withdrawal’ and the extent of the addiction is really only felt when one takes a break. Undoubtedly one of the things I miss most when not blogging is the interaction with other bloggers who I have come to see as co-travellers and, in quite a few cases, friends.

#4. Blogging takes time ~ and one has to consider the opportunity costs. Is blogging ‘time well spent?’ Is blogging time ‘best’ spent? I think these are very key questions and ones that need to be re-visited often.

#5. Blogging, for me, is about writing about subjects that are close to my heart. It is also about recording aspects of life as it unfolds. I like the idea of being able to look back at posts I wrote say this time last year to see what was going on. It is an activity that has heightened my awareness of what’s going on around around me and turned what may have seemed like the mundane into specialness that will probably resonate with someone, somewhere.





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Safe Harbour

The Pier, Tramore, Co. Waterford

The Pier, Tramore, Co. Waterford

The concept of ‘safe harbour’ is one that is very important to me in terms of having a sense of security and peace.

Where is your ‘safe harbour,’ dear friends.

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